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Pokemon Fan Shows Off Amazing Trading Card Stands

Pokemon Fan Shows Off Amazing Trading Card Stands

Pokemon Fan Shows Off Amazing Trading Card Stands

For many fans, there’s just no Pokemon series without the existence of the Pokemon Trading Card Game besides it. The TCG has been around almost as long as the series itself has been, being released in October 1996 in Japan. While the tabletop card game has seen a competitive boom in the years since, being a focal point of the Pokemon World Championships with the video game competitive circuit, it’s also been valued by many collectors. While one fan on Reddit has a smaller card collection, they’ve spiced it up with special stands they made themselves.

Select cards from the Pokemon Trading Card Game can fetch a pretty penny online. Due to that, many scalpers lately have turned to the Pokemon TCG to make a quick buck off of loyal fans. One of the most expensive cards ever is a first edition of the earliest Charizard cards to hit the game, from all the way back during the Pokemon Red and Blue days, which Reddit user 3demonster seems to own.

​​​​​​3demonster has made and designed their own personal stands for their favorite and most valuable cards, showing them off in a small video. The stands are 3D printed, featuring a polygon-style figure of the creature featured on the card displayed, complete with a symbol matching their type, just like the type symbol on the cards. The stands shared feature Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Charizard, Pikachu, and Mew. A normal-type stand belonging to Pidgey is seen on the side, but that Pokemon has sat this video out for focus on the others.

Fans, naturally, loved the way the stands looked and quickly asked how they can get a stand or two for themselves in the comments. 3demonster has actually uploaded the models online for other gamers to download and 3D print themselves, saying to print them locally. The site 3demonster links is a site where they have all original 151 Pokemon modeled, along with the stands, where visitors can support the modeler’s work directly.

It’s understandable why other Pokemon TCG players and collectors wanted to get their hands on a few stands for themselves, as they look impressive. The post says the models were made to upgrade 3demonster’s display shelf, and they’re sure to get the job done.

It’s also very nice of 3demonster to go through all the hard work of modeling all of the first original Pokemon, with type-themed stands for them all, and make them readily available for fellow gamers. For fans wanting to spice up their own card collection, they can get help from 3demonster’s ideas and resources.

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