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Stardew Valley: Leah’s Statue Conspiracy Explained

Stardew Valley: Leah's Statue Conspiracy Explained

Stardew Valley: Leah’s Statue Conspiracy Explained

ManyStardew ValleyFans will be familiar with Leah, an artist who lives near Marnie’s farm. If they have been friends with her, they might be familiar with the statue their player character receives. Many statues are on display or being worked on by Leah.Stardew ValleyThe seasons. The community has yet to complete a treasure hunt for one statue.

This sculpture will be given to the players.Leah’s during her sixth heart eventWhen she appears at the farmhouse’s door. The sculpture is called “How I Feel About”.It may appear like any other abstract creation but it is thought to be related with the secret boxes around Pelican Town.

Stardew Valley Locked Boxes

Pelican Town has a lot of hidden boxes. Players can find their locations by finding a lost book. This is what the community calls the Incomprehensible Lost Book. While it initially may just look like gibberish, stringing together the first letter of each word will reveal the locations of three boxes–a brown box north of the Blacksmith, a metal box in the back of the Stardrop Saloon, and a chest in Vincent’s room–and what goes into each of them.

Players will earn a statue by interacting with the boxes in a specific way. Put a Duck Mayonnaise in the Saloon’s box to earn the ? ?Pinky Lemon?? statue, a Strange Bun in Vincent’s chest for??Foroguemon ?, and a Super Cucumber to obtain??HMTGF??. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, it is believed that Mayor Lewis’ and JojaMart’s plant boxes can be used in a similar manner.

The Statue of Leah: The Shape of Leah

The conspiracy behind Leah’s statue is easy to understand, even though it is scattered across the internet. The statue Leah presents to the farmer is shaped like a loop. When that loop is placed over Pelican Town (the main part that consists the Saloon and Pam’s trailer, Blacksmith, etc.), it crosses over both the existing boxes and the ones that have yet to be confirmed to work.

It also passes through other areas, including the Clinic, George and Evelyn’s and the Community Center area. Harvey’s clipboard is thought to be responsible for this secret. It is interactable, but does not show any reaction. George and Evelyn would have a mailbox that could be used to store their items. It’s a box, so it could accept an item if it was programmed. As for the Community Center, there’s no specific “box” in question, but, as players know, there’s plenty of empty space around the building, the playground, the fountain, and the trees out front. There may be something hidden in these areas that players have not yet found.

Although it is not clear if they are related, players can get the Solid Gold Lewis statue by solving Secret Note #19. It can be placed around Pelican town. JojaMart truck driver can be contacted and given a Rabbit’s Foot in return for a Special Charm. And by shaking the bush behind the park next to the Community Center at noon, players will receive a giant Junimo plush, which operates very similarly to a statue. These may also be part of Leah’s loop-shaped secrets, although the loop in the above image was not well drawn.

Unfortunately, evidence surrounding Leah’s statue is not clear and it’s unclear how it connects to Pelican Town. Stardew Valley fans have largely abandoned trying to solve this mystery. It is possible that Leah’s statue loop passes over three boxes when it is placed on the Pelican Town map in a certain way.

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