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Twitch Bans Rainbow Six Siege Streamer BikiniBodhi

Twitch Bans Rainbow Six Siege Streamer BikiniBodhi

Twitch Bans Rainbow Six Siege Streamer BikiniBodhi

Fans of Bikini BodhiRainbow Six SiegeHe will be very upset to learn the latest information regarding his Twitch channel. The streamer has been banned from Twitch as of writing. YouTube is his only outlet. He does not stream on YouTube, and has not indicated any interest in switching platforms. His biggest Twitch game isRainbow Six SiegeHe wanted to cheer on his professional team by seeing them play in the Olympics.League of LegendsHis viewers also attended the European Championship. He didn’t know that this would have dire consequences.

Bikini Bodhi, a long-time content creator for Rainbow Six Siege has over 180 thousand followers on Twitter and 1.66 million YouTube subscribers. He creates a large amount of content that revolves around Ubisoft’s popular shooter. Bikini Bodhi still creates content on YouTube and Twitch, despite the massive cheating scandal in Rainbow Six Siege.

The streamer was genuinely trying to support his team at the LEC, but he had some luck. He opened the League of Legends European Championship broadcast on Twitch and started watching it while his viewers joined him. As it turned out, this is against the LEC’s broadcasting rules. His stream was immediately taken offline and he was then banned. The streamer’s ban was only for 24 hours so he can return to Rainbow Six Siege with Osa, the new operator.

Professional players have been deprived of tournament participation opportunities due to the Rainbow Six Siege World Cup 2021 being postponed until 2022. Bikini Bodhi was no exception. He started streaming the LEC because he supported Fnatic. His stream had many thousand viewers at the time, so it was no surprise that his account was removed without warning. He posted a tweet about the ban and continued to tweet into the night about other issues he has with Twitch.

Bikini Bodhi had much to say throughout the day and was eventually able to inform his fans that his ban was only for 24 hours and was due to his having streamed the championship. He stated that Rainbow Six is something he enjoys, even though he doesn’t stream it. He hopes that his fans will be able to return to the platform with the same love for the game as he is for Resident Evil.

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