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World of Warcraft Fan Makes WoW-Style Map of Oregon

World of Warcraft Fan Makes WoW-Style Map of Oregon

World of Warcraft Fan Makes WoW-Style Map of Oregon

It is approaching its 17th year anniversary.World of WarcraftThousands of fans continue to be inspired and entertained by the MMORPG. One of the most distinctive characteristics of MMORPGs is its maps. OneWoWPlayer has taken the map’s themes and applied them to a location a little easier than Azeroth or Outland — the northwestern state Oregon.


Activision Blizzard’s highly-rated PC game was launched in 2004 and has maintained a large player base ever since. Despite this, Blizzard has continued to release new content. Blizzard has recently announced that a number of World of Warcraft’s races would be receiving new character creation options and several new cosmetics.


ConservationofWumbo posted a picture of their rendering of Oregon on the World of Warcraft Reddit Page. The creator seems to have accurately captured all the details in the game, down to the crumpled parchment edges. This map is excellent at emulating ‘s earth tone color scheme. The more open areas to the east are colored yellow-orange while Oregon’s coast is shown in a suitable shade of green. Many of Oregon’s most important landmarks and cities are also labeled, with Medford, Crater lake, Mount Hood and Portland all being labeled with the appropriate icons.

The World of Warcraft -style map has received a lot of praise online. It amassed approximately 3,600 upvotes when it was created. The artwork has been praised by dozens of people, and many Oregonians have given it their approval. Although the map is impressive, it is not the first time ConservationofWumbo has been featured for creating a WoW-style map a state. The same artist also posted a World of Warcraft-style map of Washington a few weeks back. It features many of the same game-accurate features that its Oregon counterpart. The map also highlights various roads, mountain ranges and points-of interest.

Gamers seem to be spending their free time, regardless of whether it’s pandemic-related or not, trying to recreate different states in the U.S. using different games this year. There isn’t any doubt that the pair of WoW-inspired maps are impressive, but one group of gamesr have taken that idea and turned it on its head. One group is not adding a videogame to a state. They are adding a state into a videogame. A dedicated Minecraft player is working to create a 1:1 replica of New Jersey.

While World of Warcraft‘s current status can change depending on who asks, most fans can appreciate the game-inspired state mapping, which will hopefully continue to be released. Two Warcraft mobile games for WoW fans who are tired of WoW will be happy to hear that there are two titles in development. However, details on either title are scarce.

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