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Twitch Streamer Hasan’s House Controversy Explained

Twitch Streamer Hasan's House Controversy Explained

Twitch Streamer Hasan’s House Controversy Explained

Hasan Piker is oneTwitchOne of the most well-known streamers on Twitch, and a left-wing commentator. Many streamers prefer to keep to less controversial topics on Twitch, which can make politics on Twitch a contentious topic. Piker, who goes under HasanAbi, has been banned from Twitch before for making controversial political statements. In 2019, he was briefly banned for using streaming equipment while driving. However, his recent controversy has nothing to do any specific statement or Twitch rules violations. Piker, like many streamers, has enjoyed incredible success on Twitch and recently purchased a property worth $2.7 million in Los Angeles.

In 2020, HasanAbi’s Twitch became the most popular on the entire platform as he broke down the US Presidential election. Another noteworthy achievement was raising over $200,000 to support eviction defense legal assistance, community support organizations and food pantries with Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in a record breaking Among Usstream. Many of Piker’s streaming successes (and controversies), are linked to his political leanings. His 1.5 million Twitch followers tune in regularly to hear him talk politics and current events. However, his high profile made it easy for the news media to leak this purchase and put his advocacy under intense scrutiny.

Why did HasanAbi move?

Even though some Twitch streamers, like Jerma, are playing Sims in real-life, it is not always easy to find a home in real life. Piker said that he was searching for a bigger house to allow his parents and himself ample space to live comfortably. Piker has been streaming from a two-bedroom apartment he shares with his family over the past several years. This heavily influenced his decision to purchase the five-bedroom house. Piker is Turkish and has worked for his uncle Cenk Uygur, The Young Turks, for many years before he started streaming solo on Twitch.

The LA location makes sense when HasanAbi’s Twitch career is considered. It is not surprising that his IRL streams with other content creators are so popular that a prime location for influencers would be important. Piker spoke about his rise to fame over the past few years and how much he earned from Twitch in a follow-up stream. He also clarified his reasons for moving and said that the whole debate was the result of an “outrage circle” in media. The criticisms about his house purchase were quite reductive.

Why is it important?

Piker said that Piker was “semi-doxxing on stream” when he leaked the news about his house purchase on “” Online political pundits quickly picked it up (including Destiny, who has clashed with HasanAbi many times). Twitch’s problem with harrassment is well documented, and the potential problems with someone’s housing information being leaked are obvious.

Both sides of the political spectrum were critical of Piker’s housing plans. Many conservative commentators, liberal analyst, and leftist critics argued that Piker’s views on billionaires such as Jeff Bezos were contradicted by his purchase of such a costly house. Some of these even manifested in HasanAbi getting death threats about his house. Piker was mocked by the less severe critics, who compared his socialist tendencies to the enormously expensive property.

On the other hand, many high-profile streamers like Asmongold took Piker’s side in the discourse. Asmongold tweeted that HasanAbi’s message on socialist issues is not affected by buying a house.

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