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Bethesda Hires Fallout: London Modder

Bethesda Hires Fallout: London Modder

Bethesda Hires Fallout: London Modder

The modding community has done an amazing job supporting this cause.Bethesda’s gaming libraryFor years, the company has been extending the lifespan of every RPG in its catalog exponentially for many years. Sometimes even past a decade. Although Bethesda has always recognized the contributions of modders, it is not often that they are hired. One talented modder from theFallout LondonThe team was able to secure a job at the company.

A tweet from the London Discord server announced that Stephanie Zachariadis has been hired as the mod’s head author to work for Bethesda. It isn’t clear which project Zachariadis will be working on, and there are tons of Bethesda games in the works right now, so there are plenty of potential possibilities.

Zachariadis’s experience goes beyond the Fallout: London mod. According to her LinkedIn account, the writer also contributed to Fallout Miami. Zachariadis has won numerous awards for screenwriting, so she isn’t short of experience in film and games. This should be a great asset to Bethesda’s larger projects, which often include a lot of quests, locations and lore.

The team is confident that the changes won’t have any adverse effects on the final product. Zachariadis’ contributions to the mod have been completed and “is concrete”. However, the Fallout: Londonteam is beginning its search for a new chief writer.

Over the years, a variety of mod projects have been created as gamers demand more content from Bethesda. The Elder Scrolls 6 has been announced by the developer, but it is likely still years away. This has led to mods like Skyblivion which seeks to recreate Oblivion within Skyrim’s engine. The developer has not yet announced a new Fallout title, which has opened up a similar space to mods such as Fallout London.

It’s not surprising that Bethesda picked Zachariadis up because of her writing experience. Although it may be a while before her credits appear on a project for fans to see, she is sure to shine through in the game’s explorations by sharing her experiences with Fallout London. Fallout London might give players a better idea about what to expect from certain Bethesda titles.

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