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Ghost of Tsushima: Cat Mask Location (Nekoma’s Scowl)

Ghost of Tsushima: Cat Mask Location (Nekoma's Scowl)

Ghost of Tsushima: Cat Mask Location (Nekoma’s Scowl)

Ghost of TsushimaThis is a thrilling adventure set in the 13th century Japan. One of the most stunning and visually striking games for PlayStation 4 is a recreation of the Tsushima islands. Further immersion is provided by the artistic masterpiece ofGhost of TsushimaA variety of cosmetic vanity items are available to change Jin Sakai’s appearance and outfit. You can also collect more cosmetics in the Director’s Cut edition. This guide will assist players in finding the best game.Nekoma’s Scowl Cat Mask Location in the Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island DLC.

The Director’s Cut will appeal to Ghosts of Tsushima fans who want to see new content. The Director’s Cut expanded release features quality-of-life improvements, new storylines and additional areas to explore. Gamers can now play the Director’s Cut on PS4 and PS5, as well as upgrade Ghost of Tsushima from PS4 to PS5. Fans can spend hours exploring every corner of Iki Island looking for new quests or items, regardless of their preferred method of play.

How to get Nekoma’s Scowl Cat Mask in Ghost Of Tsushima

You can find the Nekoma’s Scowl atBarrier CoveTo theNortheast corner of Iki Island. Players can quickly clear the enemy camp, especially if they’re using one of the available tools.Best armor sets in Ghost of Tsushima.

It will be easy to get the cat mask hidden in the Mongol territory if you free it from Mongol control. You can also find other loot around the camp.

Once they have cleared the enemy territory, players can go to the camp and loot it. One of the Records of Iki is located at the northern end of Barrier Cove. Completionists will want to find it. The first thing you should do is approach this house.Ghost from Tsushima‘s iconic gold birdsto appear. The player will be led by the golden bird to the island’s northeastern point.The Nekoma’s Scowl can be found in a small container.

Gamers care as much about their style as they do gameplay. It’s worth the effort to find vanity items such as masks and costumes early rather than later. It can be very satisfying to defeat the toughest bosses in Ghost of Tsushima wearing a unique cosmetic costume. It makes everything worth it when players can see the cosmetics that they have worked on during epic cutscenes.

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