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Recent Call of Duty: Warzone Bans Seem to Be Effectively Keeping Hackers Out of the Game

Recent Call of Duty: Warzone Bans Seem to Be Effectively Keeping Hackers Out of the Game

Recent Call of Duty: Warzone Bans Seem to Be Effectively Keeping Hackers Out of the Game

Raven Software’s anti-cheat system seems to keep hackers awayWarzone: Call of DutyFor good. According to many self-admittedCall of Duty: Warzone hackers,Warzone’sThe latest anti-cheat software wave is console banning, which prevents cheaters from using other accounts.

Activision and Raven have been working hard to counter the overwhelming amount of hackers in Call of Duty Warzone. Although the developers have had a difficult time keeping up with the growing number of cheaters, this latest effort seems to be paying off. Twitter has been taken over by hackers to announce their “hardware ban” from Warzone. This effectively prohibits them from playing the same game with different accounts.

Call of Duty leaker Tom Henderson started tweeting on August 13 about Raven’s new anti-cheat system. Henderson claims that Raven Software’s banwave in Warzone was targeted at spoofers and they can no longer play. He continues to discuss how this banwave is different than previous banwaves, as hackers could simply create a new account.

Raven Software tweeted that the new anti-cheat software was launched on August 11th. This resulted in an initial ban for over 50,000 accounts. Raven Software also stated that they are listening to player feedback, and promised to update the situation soon. This was taken by many players and commentators as a hint that there will be more anti-cheat measures in the future.

Many players are happy that the news has been received well by the Warzone community. Many Warzone streamers have boycotted the game, which may explain why this anti-cheat system was suddenly implemented. Due to the large number of hackers discovered during matchmaking, major figures like Courage, NICKMERCS and TimTheTatMan have all left Warzone. Raven Software promises more information on anti-cheat soon. It’s possible that this new system is part of a larger effort against cheating that the developers chose to launch earlier.

Some players feel that the anti-cheat was too little, too late. Many believe Warzone has suffered irreparable harm due to the time it took Raven and Activision for hacking to be under control. Some are skeptical about the news, questioning the timing for the anti-cheat implementation soon after the departure of many Warzone’s top streamers.

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