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Why Harley Quinn Is The Anti-Hero America Both Needs And Deserves

Why Harley Quinn Is The Anti-Hero America Both Needs And Deserves

Why Harley Quinn Is Anti-Hero America Both Needs And Deserves

Sometimes a hero is someone people need more of than they know. Sometimes, the hero wasn’t born to be a hero. This is certainly true withHarley Quinn. The Joker’s sidekick, the character was initially nothing more than a silly sidekick. Although her creators had expected her to become more, it took her a long time to achieve that goal. It’s difficult to imagine that Harley would be anything other than a sidekick and (sort-of) love interest.With the release The Suicide SquadHer transformation from villain to lackey is complete. She was now an anti-hero and was easily the best character in the movie.

One of the most interesting parts of the transformation for Harley Quinn is that it hasn’t been a linear one. There has been many stories. It’s been amazing to see how many writers have used the character to make her something that she isn’t now. There has been a concerted effort to complete her story in recent years. It was always an interesting story.

The Quintessential Girlfriend

Most DC Comics fans know just how Harleen Quinzel became Harley Quinn. She was once a mental healthcare professional and was trying to make Arkham Asylum a better place. The Joker influenced her and she took a leap. Into a pot of chemicals that changed her appearance and altered her mind enough to make her the quintessential evil friend.

For those who may have seen something like Batman: The Animated Series the backstory doesn’t make much sense. Many people wonder how someone trained in psychology can suddenly choose to be a completely different person. In short, how could someone who knew that The Joker was insane, allow him to create Harley Quinn?

Comics have tackled this question over the years. Some books manage to give a little more background. The animated Harley Quinn series was what really made it clear to those who may not have read the comics, why Harley Quinn was willing to play the role she did. It revealed a woman who was probably abused as a child and had to endure a difficult upbringing before becoming an adult. It was possible that the woman who became an anti-hero may have a split personality. It is evident that The Joker was not the first abuser. He was the last straw.

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