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Borderlands 3 Fan Shares Stunning Troy Calypso Art

Borderlands 3 Fan Shares Stunning Troy Calypso Art

Borderlands 3 Fan Shares Stunning Troy Calypso Art

Maya’s young trainee Ava was only second to her, however. Borderlands 3The Calypso Twins villains are extremely divisive characters. Despite this, players still enjoyed the antagonists. Borderlands 3Troy’s last encounter was clearly a hit with the fan.


While there were several things that stopped The Calypso Twins from living up to Handsome Jack’s legacy, one of the biggest was Troy’s wasted potential. All the pieces seemed to be set for Tyreen’s parasitic twin to become the main antagonist, prior to his boss fight with him. Troy’s frustration with having to rely on his sister led him to believe that he would take revenge on her. His story ends abruptly because it does not turn out that way.


It is easy to see why Borderlands has some admirers of The Calypso Twins. There are so many possibilities and so many ways they could have been saved. Redditor Robobie101 is one of these fans, and they shared a beautiful piece of Troy’s boss fight arena art. The background features a charged-up Elpis, and the Vault symbol is prominent. This makes it a fitting spot to fight Troy. The sky and statues are great, setting the perfect mood for the encounter.

Although many would have liked more from the villain it is difficult to argue against the fact that the boss fight was handled well. Troy, now empowered, has wings that allow him to fly quickly around the battlefield. Borderlands players will always be on the edge of their seats as Troy charges at them with his sword in hand. This is all captured in the fan’s art. Troy’s Siren tattoos glow and his wings spread out to make him appear intimidating.


Robobie101 seems to be not the only one who loves this fight. Reddit user helling-doggo claimed that Troy is their favourite boss. Squidburgers, on the other hand, praised the memorable music during the fight. The piece is also praised with many comments, some calling it beautiful, while others asking for a wallpaper. While other fan art for the series may look at well-received Borderlands characters like Zane, it is nice to see some love being shown for the flawed but interesting Troy.


Perhaps Borderlands 4’s playable siren will allow players to use the Calypso Twins’ Phaseleech power. Although Troy and Tyreen are unlikely to be back, it might still be fun to use their special abilities in the next mainline title.

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