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Destiny 2 Fan Has Great Idea to Make Timeline Even Better

Destiny 2 Fan Has Great Idea to Make Timeline Even Better

Destiny 2 Fan Has Great Idea to Make Timeline Even Better

The website has been in existence since its inception in 2014.DestinyThe series has created a vast world. The developers created a rich web of stories and legends that players can explore in the game’s universe. Over the years, there have been many changes to the game’s universe. Destiny 2It was launched and its subsequent DLCs only added to the excitementInteresting characters like EramisYou can also learn more about the game. One fan created a way to make the franchise more accessible to those who are new to the first-person shooter.


Bungie added the Timeline to the Season of the Lost to simplify the game’s story for new players. The Timeline, which is accessible through the Directory shows players what downloadable content they don’t have. Bungie might use the Timeline to increase revenue from its expansions. However, it serves as a history book that contains details about Destiny 2’s Traveler and recaps on previous seasons. While the Timeline is a great way to share the story with players, there are some things that could be improved.

To get their roommate to be interested in the destiny 2Reddit user PCG_Crimson suggested a way Bungie could improve the Timeline. They agreed that the Timeline idea was excellent, but they felt that it would be even more effective if cutscenes from past seasons were included to make the feature even better. This would help people become more involved in the story. A fan suggested some scenes that should be included, such as the return of Saint-14The destruction of the Almighty and the arrival of the Pyramid. Many of these scenes are already available on YouTube. However, adding them to your Timeline will make it easier for you to view them and keep them in the right chronological order.

Reddit’s Destiny 2 community likes PCG_Crimson’s idea to add past cutscenes to their Timeline. This feature has been praised by over 1,500 people. It would allow new players to catch up with the stories and lore from the previous seasons and expansions. Many suggested that a codex be added to provide more details on the different people, places and weapons in the game.


This is because Destiny 2’s Season of the Lost has now gone live. The update includes the Timeline feature and new seasonal activities that players can take part in. The game has also received new Exotic armour and weapons, such as the Lorentz Driver Void Linear Fusion Rifle. Season of the Lost will likely see a lot of returning and new players use the Timeline to learn Destiny 2’s story. It will be interesting for Bungie to decide if they ever update the Timeline to make cutscenes more accessible to players.

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