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Destiny 2 Reveals Huge Void Subclass Changes for Witch Queen

Destiny 2 Reveals Huge Void Subclass Changes for Witch Queen

Bungie recently announced its expansion plans, destiny 2 – The Witch QueenReleased February 22, 2022. The cinematic trailer for the expansion was released. Reveal trailer for Witch Queena gameplay trailer will also be available to show you what the game has in store.


Bungie has been working hard to make Destiny 2: the Witch Queen a reality for many years. This is especially true in the game’s universe, which fully reveals the Hive goddess Savathun and the Witch Queen. Bungie released trailers for its next major expansion. It also revealed details about the game’s main villains and enemies. Bungie shared additional details about the game’s new changes in a recent blog post.

Bungie will continue to offer Light classes the “Stasis” treatment season after season. This will allow for more customization, starting with Destiny 2 – The Witch Queen. The Void 3.0 Update will be available in the game for the Void subclass. Bungie intends to update the game with new abilities and mechanics while also removing old ones when necessary to create new combinations of abilities.


The post states that players can choose from supers, melees, melees, and Aspects to create their own player builds. They can customize these to suit their playstyle. There will be a defined set of keywords used by the various perks and abilities in Void subclasses, similar to the Stasis subclasses that use Slow, Freeze, and Shatter. The first set of negative status effects is for enemies and includes Volatile, Weaken, Suppression, and Weaken. The second set of positive status effects is for players and their allies. These include Invisibility, Void Overshield and Devour.


This post provided a preview of some new abilities available to players when Void 3.0 becomes available. Nightstalker Hunter comes with the Shadowshot Moebius Quiver super and the Stylish Executioner Aspect that grants players Invisibility and Truesight when performed on a Weakened, Suppressed, or Volatile enemy. Sentinel Titan’s Overwatch Aspect lets players protect themselves and their allies by using a Void-empowered Barricade to create a Void Overshield. Shield Toss allows players to throw a shield that can bounce off surfaces and enemies, granting them a Void Overshield.


Pocket Singularity is a Voidwalker Warlock feature that launches an unstable ball full of Void energy into the air. This causes enemies to be close by and forces them out of their cover. It also features Child of the Old Gods Aspect, which allows players to summon a sentient black hole that waits until an enemy approaches and siphons their energy. These changes have three goals: to preserve the power fantasies of using Void and create new playstyle possibilities. They also aim to establish a framework for “systemic incorporation of the damage type into other parts of the game.”

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