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Super Metroid Fan Finds Incredibly Rare ‘Easter Egg’ Using Glitches

Super Metroid Fan Finds Incredibly Rare ‘Easter Egg’ Using Glitches


This is one of the most highly acclaimed and beloved titles in Nintendo’s SNES Library. Super Metroid. It was the game that set the foundation for the future.MetroidTitles helped create the “Search-action”, or “Metroidvania,” style of games that we all know today. Its brilliant world design, power-ups and adventurous nature still make the game a popular choice. It is also one of the most popular games. Speedrun: This is the best gamesThis is due to the sheer amount of sequence breaking and glitches in this particular game. An avid player will be able to enjoy the game.Metroid fan discovered a secret in the game that could only have been found by using glitches in a segment without Sequence Breaks.


Super Metroid’s opening shows Samus landing on Planet Zebes, having escaped from the Ceres Space Station. The game takes the player on a path that leads to the Morph Ball, the first upgrade. The player will find an eye-shaped camera device that lights up when the player approaches it. These lights give the impression that the Space Pirates are watching the player.

Super Metroid has one more camera device. It is located in a room that requires a Morph Ball. The player must then collect upgrades to continue, and a hidden one is kept behind the bombs. These camera devices are then destroyed by the Space Pirates, who attack Samus. Although only two of these devices were in-game, one fan managed to locate the third device using glitches.


GoldenChorizoCode, the fan who discovered it, explained that these cameras could not be found on a linear path. There is no way to break the sequence. A third camera can be obtained by hacking, cheating, or using a well-known glitch from Super Metroid. The game will believe that the Morph Ball can only be obtained by performing a set of unique actions in an early room. A player can then enter a room which would not be possible without bombs. This will lead them to a Chozo statue that used to hold an extra missile tank. It now has a security camera.


GoldenChorizoCode used another graphical glitch to show that the camera was behind the statue, though it was different from the others. Many suggested that the “Easter Egg” may have been an old glitch or cheat from Super Metroid’s early development. It is possible that this area was discovered before the bombs were needed, or it would have been the first to receive the missile upgrades.

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