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Raven Software Receives Backlash Over Change To Call of Duty: Warzone Weekly Modes

Raven Software Receives Backlash Over Change To Call of Duty: Warzone Weekly Modes

Raven Software Receives Backlash Over Change To Call of Duty: Warzone Weekly Modes

In addition to constant balance changes, new content additions are also included. Warzone: Call of DutyFans can also expect that the playlists for battle royale titles will change on a weekly basis. , unfortunately, Warzone: Call of Duty The latest lineup is disappointing the fan base.


These are not the only playlist-related complaints Call of Duty Warzone players have sent to Raven. In fact, just recently, there was a major push for a Rebirth Island solo playlist. One was made available soon after the map was released. However, it has not been viewed since. This has disappointed those who like to play on their own. This is still a passionate topic, but it is not as bad as the outrage that was displayed with the playlists this week.


Call of Duty: Warzone’s RAAL LMG was a big hit with fans, but the shock at the fact that the traditional battle royale playlists were gone shocked many players. The game has removed Solos, Duos and Trios as well as Trios, Quads and Trios. This means that players who want a more traditional battle royale experience will not have any options this week. This is a strange decision as there usually is at least one playlist that maintains the usual setup. Bio-Shocked and others have spoken out to say that every playlist was swapped for Buy Back versions this week.

Call of Duty: Warzone players dislike Buy Back due to one thing that sets it apart from other battle royale playlists. If players have died, even after being wiped out in Gulag, they can still purchase themselves into the match if enough money is available. Bio-Shocked points out that this style is not suitable for everyone. It disrupts the flow of a regular battle royale match. The fan also points out that Rebirth Resurgence is already available for players who like this style of gameplay so it’s not necessary to force everyone to try it.


Redditor Datmusclebrah pointed out that the Buy-Back mode is “chaotic” with the “timing of everything being off” aspect. He also felt that it was not the best option for players who want to play on Verdansk. 84. Raven Software will hopefully have heard the criticism. However, the playlist update for next Wednesday is likely to be the earliest that any changes will be made.


Players will need to choose between Call of Duty and the Buy-Back playlists. Despite the positive feedback surrounding the Call of Duty: Warzone bans in the past, much of that positivity has now faded because of this annoying playlist lineup.

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