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Skyrim Player Uses Mods to Turn the Game Into Star Wars

Skyrim Player Uses Mods to Turn the Game Into Star Wars

Skyrim Player Uses Mods to Turn the Game Into Star Wars

Star Wars and The Elder Scrolls have both enjoyed great success over the years. The worlds where their stories are set are quite different. Star Wars is set in a sci-fi setting, while The Elder Scrolls takes place in a medieval setting. Although most people don’t think combining the two popular franchises, one fan created their own Star Wars experience in Skyrim.

Created by gg77Star WarsThe Worlds in Skyrim mod somehow manages to combine the two franchises. The game’s look is very reminiscent of theStar Wars universe, but players are reminded by their abilities like magic and the inventory system that they are still playing Skyrim. This mod featured many of the most notable characters and was created by the creator. Star wars battle Droids, Astromechs, and Jedi Knights such as Plo Koon are just a few examples. You can also control Tusken Raiders, Darth Maul and Sith Lords Darth Vader.


The mod features many Star Wars locations, including the bustling spaceport at Mos Eisley, Tatooine desert and the deadly Wampa-filled ice caves of Hoth. You can also buy a blaster rifle and use a lightsaber in combat instead of a sword. The mod does not include the iconic Cantina in the area, despite having the spaceport from Mos Eisley included. However, the mod creator seems to be updating it regularly, so there is a possibility that more content will be added in future.


This Star Wars Mod is just one of many that are available for the game. For years, players have experimented with mods that change the game’s look and feel. The Star Wars Worlds mod in Skyrim allows players to visit famous locations in a distant galaxy. However, many other mods can be used to convert Skyrim into a total conversion mod. Middle-Earth Redone, which converts the game to the J.R.R. locations, is one example. Tolkien’s most famous books include the tranquil Shire and the Mines of Moria.


This is just one of many Star Wars new content that fans are eager to see. A new look was recently revealed to LEGO Star Wars: The SkyWalker Saga by gamers. The developers showcased some stunning footage from the game in a Gamescom trailer. This game includes missions from all nine episodes. The trailer showed that the game was delayed to Spring next year.


Fans continue to reinvent Skyrim even years later, which is why mods are so much fun. Download gg77’s mod from the Nexus and start exploring the combined universe of Star Wars and Skyrim.

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