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Stardew Valley Big Slimes Can Drop Pink Cakes

Stardew Valley Big Slimes Can Drop Pink Cakes

Stardew Valley Big Slimes Can Drop Pink Cakes

Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone is the only developer to release this software. Stardew ValleyFans continue to uncover hidden details, even though the 2016 edition was back. A fan recently discovered a fascinating detail about large slimes. Stardew ValleyThis could be a benefit to other players.

Reddit user Euclid_Wheat posted a photo recently of their Stardew Valley adventures as they stood in front of a giant slime. The giant slime contains a pink cake that players can defeat to gain access to the treasure. The Stardew valley players will find the pink cake useful as it provides 250 energy and 112 calories.

Stardew Valley fans claim that pink cake is the most popular item in Skull Cavern’s big slimes. The pink cake can be purchased in Krobus’ shop on Saturdays or in Stardrop Saloon’s rotating stock. This is also a reward for finishing the Chef’s Bundle at the Feast of the Winter Star and on the Bulletin Board.

Euclid_Wheat claimed that they were today years old when he discovered the details about big slimes in Stardew valley. However, many fans replied with more helpful information. Reddit user pointed out that if you equip the burglar’s ring before killing a big slime, it will reward you with two cakes. One Stardew Valley player claimed that the big slime gave them a galaxy soul, which could be seen before they killed.

Euclid_Wheat quickly notified Stardew Val enthusiasts that update 1.5 had added pink cake to the large slime loot. Euclid_Wheat was encouraged to keep playing the indie game as ConcernedApe is still working on Stardew Valley updates. Another fan pointed out that the game could be modified to allow for even more loot drops.

Stardew Valley gamers may regret the fact that they spent so much time and effort to obtain pink cakes by other means only to see one drop of slime very soon after. Euclid_Wheat did not mention whether they tried other methods to acquire Stardew Valley’s Pink Cake, but they were happy with the 1.5 updates. Reddit users will no doubt be searching Skull Cavern for the same detail.

It is quite unusual for some players to find the pink cake in Stardew Valley. Fans suggested that Euclid_Wheat should not eat anything from within a large slime. However, the pink cake is safe regardless of where it was found.

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