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Xbox Game Pass Adds Classic Award-Winning Game to Lineup

Xbox Game Pass Adds Classic Award-Winning Game to Lineup

Xbox Game Pass Adds Classic Award-Winning Game to Lineup

Xbox Game Pass is a long-standing service that offers Xbox Game Pass members coveted and interesting game titles to enjoy. Game Pass also offers several day-one games was a great experience. A special award-winning title was also added. It’s called Myst.


Xbox Game Pass offers a huge library of games. These include the recently released gold Psychonauts 2, the original Quake, as well as many others. These games are available on both Xbox consoles and PC for a monthly charge. A new, updated version of Mystby Cyan developers has been released, allowing Xbox Game Pass users to access a game many older gamers consider a classic.

The new Mystlaunched today. It was immediately available for Xbox Game Pass. The original announcement of the new Myst was made in September 2020. It is now available for Oculus and Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG, and the Microsoft Store. The Myst is not available on any other consoles. However, it could be coming to the Switch or PlayStation in the future.

Myst is the first in a series of point-and-click adventure games originally released for PC. Puzzle adventure placed the player on a mysterious and eerie island that required them to solve riddles. The series includes several games, all featuring the same creepy atmosphere and a variety of head-scratching puzzles. Cyan, the developers, recently rebuilt the game, adding new graphics, VR mode, puzzle randomization and “re-imagined interaction”. And players can experience it again or first the first time with Xbox Game Pass.


This is a wonderful piece of videogame history that will be more accessible to the next generation. There are many titles in the Mysteries that have received awards, including Game of the Year. It’s one of the few open-world games without combat, and it is attributed as being one of the first games to draw “non-video gamers” in. It is still considered one of the most challenging puzzles in videogame history and deserves a gorgeous facelift. This is only the beginning. It would be great if the gaming community could see remakes for other Mysttitles.

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