Breath of the Wild Fan Creates Linoprints of the Five Champions

Breath of the Wild Fan Creates Linoprints of the Five Champions

Breath of the Wild Fan Creates Linoprints of the Five Champions

A series of stories as imaginative and rich in carefully crafted lore. The Legend of Zelda fans can find endless inspiration to make amazing things in tribute to Link’s adventures. The beloved Switch game is a great source of inspiration. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild has shown what happened a hundred years ago in its own ancient, gryphon-like style.The SheikahPeople. One fan decided to take up an artistic hobby and pay tribute to Hyrule’s heroes with beautiful lino prints made from the Five Champions.

Linoprints, a type of printing, involve chiselling a linoleum to create a mirror image of the subject matter. The paint is then applied and pressed against the canvas. This flips the artwork. Reddit user Resident_of_Kakariko claims that their mom started the craft and inspired them to take up the hobby.

The crafter created the first lino print featuring Urbosa the Gerudo champion in the same style as the cutscene that depicts the Champions’ battle 100 years before The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild began. The last print next to the linoleum engraving looks remarkable for their first piece. The rest of the Champions followed their lead and the complete set is now available for sharing. Photos of the carvings, as well as finished mirror prints, have been uploaded to their pages. They are all stunning, and it is hard to believe that Resident_of_Kakariko has just begun with this medium.

Already, fans are saying that they would buy the prints if the artist sold them. Resident_of_Kakariko replied by saying that they weren’t certain they would sell the art but that they would inform the Zelda community if they did. Since linocut artworks are a rarity compared to other art methods, many people learn about the craft from Resident_of_Kakariko’s work.

These pieces stand out thanks to the lino print method. It is a less-known craft, but the finished pieces look like an ancient scroll from The Legend of Zelda’s history. This is due to canvas papers, which allowed for the adaptation of the Five Champions’ glyphs.

It’s also very inspiring that Resident_of_Kakariko’s first try with linocut works ended up being such an incredible success. The talented Zelda fan seems to have found a new hobby and a new talent.

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