Demon Slayer Fan Makes Rengoku Phone Case

Demon Slayer Fan Makes Rengoku Phone Case

Demon Slayer Fan Makes Rengoku Phone Case

A talented and creative individual. Demon SlayerFan made an amazing Rengoku phone case. Rengoku is a supporting character in the hit anime.Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no YaibaSeries. This fan of Rengoku took major inspiration from the manga to create the phone case. This phone case is not the usual one-character-face design. This is a different design. Demon SlayerFan chose to incorporate a collage-like piece of art at the front of this phone case.

Although the Demon Slayer character is the largest part of the case, creator ambercowelll did so with great attention to colour and detail. Rengoku is known for his love of yellow and red. His angelic appearance is contrasted by his golden hair and fiery red flames at its end. The phone case’s creator added glitter and shine to make Rengoku’s flames and the red colour even more striking. This phone case makes Rengoku shine like a diamond. A fan-created this phone case. It contains subtle symbols and representations of Rengoku’s essence and personality.

The Demon Slayer anime Sengoku is enthusiastic and determined. He believes in living a life of high morals and honour. Rengoku is always smiling, given his excitement. This phone case shows both the conflicting parts of Rengoku in one expression. Rengoku’s phone case doesn’t show him smiling from cheek to cheek. His lips are slightly pursed, but he has a great look.

This Demon Slayer fan managed to make Rengoku’s eyes seem to tell-all. It was an expression of his determination and exhilaration at achieving his goals. The rest of the phone case is taken over by the black-and-white manga strip. It is fascinating to examine Rengoku’s famous quotes and the choice of images. This manga shows Rengoku as a more evil and vengeful version of himself. His expression suggests that he is about for a sinister plot.

The phone case only contains two-word bubbles. Zooming in is the key to reading them. It appears that one of the words bubbles says, “Stand still, be proud.” This fan again draws attention to Rengoku’s morality as well as the principles he adheres to.

The phone case is unique, distinctive, and beautiful. Other fans have asked the artist if they are open to commissions in comments. This Demon Slayer fan has created such an amazing and thoughtful piece that any Rengoku fan will want to get their hands on.

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