Halo Infinite Battle Pass Progression Challenge Based, Not Per-Match XP

Halo Infinite Battle Pass Progression Challenge Based, Not Per-Match XP

Halo Infinite Battle Pass Progression Challenge Based, Not Per-Match XP

Although Halo Infinite didn’t have the huge presence at Gamescom 2021 that many fans expected, Microsoft and 343 industries were there to provide some important details. The Season 1 multiplayer trailer was shown to fans. It featured Spartan Commander Laurette Agryna, as well as her journey to become a Spartan. Microsoft also revealed that Halo Infinite would be launching on December 8, 2022.

The game is still in development, but 343 Industries has been open to sharing new details since the Halo infinite multiplayer reveal at E3 2021. The Battle Pass has received positive reactions from the Halo community. It introduces many big changes to live service games. A pass is valid for life and can be used to purchase additional passes.

This change was made to avoid FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and an unnatural grind feeling. However, it is not clear how Battle Passes progress. John Junyszek, Halo Infinite’s community manager, confirmed this via Twitter. He said that progression is linked to completing challenges within the game and not earning match XP. Junyszek suggests that per-match XP advancement could be available at a later time but that it won’t be available “at launch.”

Respondents to the reveal expressed concern that theFirst Tech Preview Event for Halo InfiniteIt seemed to limit the number of challenges available for players before they ran out completely. This was unintentional and a bug. The team plans to make the experience nearly infinitely challenging, so it will be tough for most players to finish the game. There are always some players who will put the system to the test.

The multiplayer component of Halo Infinite has a free-to-play aspect that allows players to choose how and if they wish to spend their money. 343 has adopted a “Player First Mentality”, which means that there are no loot boxes. This is how players can acquire new content. Other fans praised this approach who requested similar treatment for their favourite games, including Destiny 2 from Bungie’s former developer. Fans requested that seasonal content be made Halo Infinite, where Battle Passes can be purchased and permanently available.

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