Ocarina of Time Fan Shows Off Incredible Poe Sculpture

Ocarina of Time Fan Shows Off Incredible Poe Sculpture

Ocarina of Time Fan Shows Off Incredible Poe Sculpture

It has been more than 20 years since its original release. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time is still very much alive in the public consciousness and continues receiving attention from both new and old fans. OneOcarina of TimeA fan created a complex sculpture of Poe, one of the game’s most iconic enemies. It was set in a graveyard setting.

Poes can be found in many The Legend of Zelda titles, but they are most well-known for appearing in Ocarina of Time. Here, they can be captured after defeating and sold for ten Rupees. The colour of their eyes can tell you if they are anxious. Green means they are calm, and yellow indicates they might attack. Red signifies they are already in mid-attack. Ocarina of Time fans aren’t the only ones to have made visual tributes for the game’s characters, but this may be the best.

TriSarahTops57, a Redditor, created an intricate rendering of a Poe floating above the grass in what appears like a cemetery. There is a small gravestone to either side and bare branches framing the figure. In Ocarina of Time, Poes may become agitated and attack Link if their graves are disturbed or if players get too close to an idle lantern, and this Poe’s yellow eyes indicate that it is becoming upset. Its lantern is not being used for the attack, but it is still at its side, so anyone disturbed it can still retreat from the sculpture.

The sculpture is exquisitely painted. Poe’s face is covered in a blue-grey cloak, and the lantern made from black metal and dull yellow glasses are both beautifully adorned. The piece is textured and alive with bright green grass and dark grey tombstones. Small plants and mushrooms add small details. Ocarina of Time‘s vibrant world has been captured in sculpture before, but focusing on one specific monster and its personalized environment makes this piece memorable.

This sculpture was warmly received as of the writing. Many people expressed interest in buying it. TriSarahTops57 has been praised for its talent and the adorableness of Poe. Although the creator stated they don’t yet have an Etsy shopfront, they post to their Instagram when they put up a statue for sale. According to reports, the statue will soon be available for purchase, which could interest collectors of Legend of Zelda figurines.

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