Zelda Fan Shows Off Impressive Themed Cupcakes

Zelda Fan Shows Off Impressive Themed Cupcakes

Zelda Fan Shows Off Impressive Themed Cupcakes

Legend of Zelda series has been around for more than 20 years. Many of its fans have made tributes to it over the years. One fan decided to dedicate their time and energy to decorating and making a batch of the series—legend of ZeldaCupcakes with pixel art design, in layers of icing.

Although this isn’t the first time Legend of Zelda fans has shared a tribute via food or sand, it is certainly one of the most beautiful. Redditor ExMachina97 created 12 different cupcakes, with very few repeat designs. Each topping seems more interesting and complex than the previous.

The cupcake designs on the top row show a legend of Zelda Guardianeye, a pink Hibiscus plant, the Hylian Shield decal, and a Pixel art Rupee. The Master Sword’s hilt is shown in the middle row. Link himself is pixel-art portrait in the middle, and the words “happy Birthday!” are written in the middle row. Another Guardian’s eye is also included.

The third row includes a Hibiscus flower, another Guardian eye, a pixel-art Blue Potion filled with blood-red frosting, another Hylian Shield decal, and a pixel art heart. These designs are captured with meticulous detail in colourful icing. The faux-pixel art is sharpened to resemble low-resolution graphics such as those in early eras—the legend of Zelda Games. To make the cupcakes stand out, there is a flat expanse with brightly coloured background frosting. These backgrounds are the three primary colours: bright, metallic green and a dark brown reserved for Guardian eye designs. This may have been done to make Guardian cupcakes more like the Sheikah’s ancient machines.

These cupcakes seem to have been well-received by other Zelda lovers as of this writing. ExMachina97 has received many compliments on her work. One user even suggested that the cupcakes were not eaten but framed because they were too cute.

Another user noticed that the cupcakes looked like they were made with marzipan. He said that marzipan can be difficult to work with but that the results speak for themselves. Legend of Zelda enthusiasts has also searched for and sometimes found characters and designs from Legend of Zelda. These cupcakes are a new addition to an already impressive list.

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