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6 of the Top Exploration Ships in Elite Dangerous Horizons

6 of the Top Exploration Ships in Elite Dangerous Horizons

6 of the Top Exploration Ships in Elite Dangerous Horizons

The most attractive thing about Elite Dangerous: Horizons is exploration. Elite is a space simulation game with a huge galaxy and billions of stars. It gives players the chance to explore the universe in a way that few others can. You will need a spaceship to explore the Milky Way. Horizons are the best exploration ships in Elite Dangerous. They allow you to travel faster and more efficiently across the universe than any other and are well-equipped for explorer missions.

1. Orca

Orca is a luxurious, large passenger-liner ship that has a beautiful design. This spaceship was specifically designed to carry out passenger contract exploration missions. This ship is one of few in Elite Dangerous to be able to equip luxury cabins. It’s one of the best ships for passenger contracts. Although Orca is expensive at 48,539887 CR it is the most affordable in passenger transport.

2. 2.

The Diamond Explorer is an inexpensive exploration ship, which offers great value to explorer pilots. This spaceship is dual-purpose and can be used for combat or exploration. It is a great deal for a spaceship with impressive specifications, at just 1,894,760 CR.

Diamond Explorer’s most remarkable feature is its 41.61 ly maximum jumping range. This jump range makes Diamond Explorer one of the most popular ships for jumping between stars. It also has a 32t fuel tank, which will allow you to travel farther without stopping to refuel.

3. Asp Explorer

The Asp Explorer is one of the most versatile spaceships in Elite. It’s a dangerous ship that’s perfect for exploration. This ship is medium in size and has a lot of outfitting potential. It’s a popular choice for Elite players. It’s easy to buy an ASP Explorer for just 6,661,153 credits.

4. Anaconda

The Anaconda is a very powerful exploration and combat ship in the Elite Dangerous universe. At 146,969.450 credits, it’s a large ship and the third-most expensive in the game. Anaconda, however, is still one the most expensive spaceships in Elite. This justifies its high price.

5. Krait Phantom

The Krait Phantom is a multipurpose spaceship , which is especially useful for explorer pilots. This Krait MkII sister ship is slightly smaller and more combat-oriented. Phantom’s sleeker design makes it a better choice to explore. This ship can be purchased for 37,472,254 credits. It is cheaper than the MkII.


Phantom, like all other exploration ships in Elite Dagerous Horizons has a decent jump range. Phantom’s maximum jump range of 34.79 Light-years is better than most other ships, but it doesn’t quite compare with the Anaconda or Diamondback Explorer in this regard. Phantom’s FSD (Frame Shift Drive), engineering can surpass Asp Explorer in jump range distance.

6. Dolphin

The Dolphin passenger liner is an affordable option. It is similar to other Kruger passenger liners and has a stylish design. You can also equip luxury suite cabins. This budget-friendly option is definitely worth looking at. It costs 1,337,330 credits. The Dolphin is a great option if you don’t want to wait for an expensive exploration spaceship.

The ship can Hyperspace jump up to 35.10 light years with upgrades. This is a great spaceship for the price. The ship has nine interior compartments, one more than the Asp or Diamondback Explorer ships. Dolphin is spacious enough to store all of its essential exploration gear. Dolphin’s excellent default speed of 290 m/s and 361m/s boost make it an easier spaceship to approach stations and exit their Mass Locks.

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