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Marvel’s What If …? Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Ultron’s Victory

Marvel's What If ...? Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Ultron's Victory

Marvel’s What If …? Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Ultron’s Victory

Fans were excited when Ultron was revealed in 2013 as the next villain of the Avengers sequel. Because of its unwavering dedication to destroying humanity, Ultron is one the most compelling antagonists in Marvel Comics. It was disappointing to finally see the Crimson Cowl live. Although it’s a good episode, the character is not up to par with the comics. This episode of Marvel’s What If sees the killer robot reach frightening heights in an episode.

Marvel’s can be streamed on Disney+. You can read the seventh episode if you missed it last Wednesday.

Story: Reign of Ultron

Avengers Age of Ultron‘s most important scene is when the Avengers steal Ultron’s last synthetic body and transform it into the Vision. What if reveals the scenario Ultron was able to have his body and achieve his goal of total destruction under the banner of peace. We are shown that he did it by launching all the nuke missiles. This contradicts the movie’s events. He did not change his plans, other than to make it possible for Hawkeye and Black Widow to survive. The terror he causes is mind-boggling to witness.

He takes on the entire universe, expanding his vision and succeeds. This story is the character we’ve been waiting for since the announcement. Instead of a series of villains, we got a singular villain. The creators took a lot of inspiration from the comic Age of Ultron, and how much destruction this creation can cause on everyone. Enjoy the story and its concept, even if you’re not interested in other stories. This one creates fear and terror.

Characters and Performances The Watcher Does Watching

We finally see The Watcher in action after hearing his narration. Ultron is so powerful that he can break the boundaries of reality and capture the Watcher. In the name of peace, he vows to destroy all the multiverses. It is amazing to see the all-powerful being panicked and shocked by this threat. It is a little frustrating that he doesn’t seem to be able to follow up from the episode in which he was surprised by Ultron’s invasion of that world. He behaves more like a viewer of horror movies. He is a passive observer of Clint and Nat, but he basically tells them what to do next. This episode features Jeffery Wright at his best. We feel his paranoia and fear. This is the episode we have been waiting for, and it’s his breakthrough episode.

It is disappointing that James Spader was not able to return as Ultron. His distinctive voice is so unique that it’s hard to match his spinster charisma. Ross Marquand, who also voiced Red Skull in the replacement of Hugo Weaving, does a respectable job trying to capture Spader’s essence. It’s obvious that someone is making an impression. But it’s still a good impression. Marquand takes us on a fascinating ride as we witness his demise.

Cinematography & sound: A battle across realities

Russia is at the helm and the destroyed ruins of Earth are a symbol of a nuclear winter. As Black Widow (and Hawkeye) race to defeat Ultron, the screen is filled with cold colors like gray and dark blues. This one-shot, which I won’t spoil, feels like it should be on an oil painting. The scene is slowed down to allow the viewer to take in all of it and watch it unfold. This scene has one of the most memorable visual moments of the season, thanks to its thematic significance and the rush of warm colours.

We finally get to see The Watcher’s hub by getting a glimpse behind the curtain. It is amazing to see the crystal-like shards of reality that are displayed. It is amazing to watch how he glides between each reality and just observes. It’s endless just like all of the realities that have come before it. These places are on display as Ultron, Uatu and others fight for the fate of the multiverse. It feels like some of the planes that we saw were originally intended for this season, but were abandoned. This makes their battle even more spectacular. It’s an incredible moment when you add in the amazing music and the battle between two god-like beings.

Editing & Pacing: A Devastating Montage

The montage that shows how Ultron accomplished his goal is one of the highlights of the episode. To see his robot invasion, we jump to every iconic MCU location such as Sakaar or Ego the Living Planet. It is quite heavy to see characters such as the Guardians of the Galaxy die and be killed off. It’s clear that this villain poses a serious threat, even with all the violence. It gets worse and ends in a fierce battle with Captain Marvel, which ends in his victory.

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