Named and rated Remastered GTA Trilogy Definitive edition

Named and rated Remastered GTA Trilogy Definitive edition

Named and rated Remastered GTA Trilogy Definitive edition

The Grand Theft Auto Remastered Trilogy is a compilation that features updated versions of classic Rockstar titles GTA3, Vice City and San Andreas. It appears to have been correctly named and rated. The three GTA games were found yesterday by the Korean government’s Game Rating and Administration Committee website. It was called Grand Theft Auto – The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. A report from Kotaku earlier today suggested that we might be playing the upgraded PS2-era GTA games within the next month.

Rockstar admitted that it was working on a remastered GTA Trilogy, even though the rumors have been going around for months. However, this August saw Rockstar admit to having made efforts to bring the first three 3D GTAs current.

The remastered games were expected to launch on October 22nd, the 20th anniversary for the release of GTA3. It’s likely, however, that Grand Theft Auto III: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition will get a similar release given Rockstar’s 10th anniversary celebration of GTA3.

Rockstar said it would have surprises for GTA3’s 2021 Anniversary later in the month. We can only guess that this will include an announcement about a release date of the remastered trilogy. Or, we might get a rare glimpse at GTA 6. We can at least put a face to the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition when it comes out (and let’s be honest, we won’t forget that it will be available for Switch).

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