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The Dark Picture Anthology: Three Improvements We Want To See

The Dark Picture Anthology: Three Improvements We Want To See

The Dark Picture Anthology: Three Improvements We Want To See

The Dark Picture Anthology, an anthology featuring horror games from Supermassive Games (the developers of the Until Dawn) is an anthology. Unlike Until Dawn however, these games are shorter, allowing developers to create a new one every year. These smaller games have not captured the magic until Dawn had. The Man of Medan, Little Hope received mixed reviews. House of Ashes aims to address some of the problems that plagued the previous titles. This includes the elimination of fixed cameras and the inclusion of a 360 camera.

These changes will make House of Ashes stand out from the other titles. But what else can the franchise do?

1. STORYLINE – Less Reaction, More Exploration, More Choices

The Dark Picture Anthology is a collection of standalone horror games in which the choices of the players have an impact on the outcome of the characters. They should. A fair amount of deaths seem to be dependent more on QTEs (quick-timed events) than on choices made within the game. Little Hope has corrected this by giving players more survival opportunities based on exploration. The player is basically rewarded for finding an item that could be of benefit to them down the road.

2. COUCH COO-OP – Two screens is better than one

Man of Medan, Little Hope introduced new game modes Movie Night (and Shared Story), which allow for cooperation with other players. Online play was possible with Shared Story, where two players could simultaneously control one character. This mode was fun and made sense in a game that often sees characters split up.

3. MOVEMENT – Let go of your fearful nerves

The Dark Picture Anthology had trouble with movement. Controlling a character felt slow and heavy. There was always a delay between moving forward and stopping. This was combined with fixed camera angles that made it difficult for players to control their characters, making it frustrating.


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