Valorant: Fracture Map Guide

Valorant: Fracture Map Guide

Valorant: Fracture Map Guide

Fracture is Valorant’snewest map. Riot’s latest move to constantly change the meta for players around the world is Fracture. This Valorant map guide will provide an overview of Fracture and its individual bomb sites as well as positions, strategies, and tactics for attacking and defending. It will also be useful for players who have not yet explored the map as well as those who may have done so but need to review it.

Fracture, which is a departure from Breeze’s emphasis on long-range gunfights, is now the opposite. The map is larger than the one before it, but has smaller corridors and angles for close-to-medium range skirmishes. It is now available for use in competitive matches, thanks to patch 3.05


Fracture’s map structure is what players will see. The map’s H-shaped layout allows players to spawn from different points on the map. Players will not be able to see enemies approaching from one direction.

Defenders have the option to choose whether they want to defend on the flank or site. Teams must communicate and stay alert. Fracture’s defining feature is the zip line below the map, which allows players to move from one side to the other. These characteristics allow different approaches never before seen, which is a new take on competitive shooting.


The middle area of the map is where players on the defensive side will spawn. Each round’s buy phase grants defenders access to both bomb locations to prepare for and set up an enemy attack. As mentioned earlier, it is impossible to predict where or how the enemy will attack. Defenders must consider many possible scenarios. Attackers have the option to only attack one entry point. Attackers can choose to attack from two sides or focus only on one location. They can also plant at one site and attack another.

Although the possibilities are endless, there are many things you need to keep in mind. This is what makes the map extremely attacker-friendly. These factors mean that defense must be spread out in order to be able respond to them. The attacking team may choose to all rush to B site. There could be two or three defenders at an entry point on any map. Fracture will likely have only one. Because the others will need to protect the other side of Fracture, this is important.

However, it is possible to defend Fracture. All site entrance points, regardless of the number of approaches an attacker can take to get into Fracture, are extremely narrow. Utility usage is essential to avoid enemy pushes, and allows teammates to rotate and assist. The map’s structure also allows for defenders to quickly move into positions to flank their enemies, attack them from behind, and potentially catch their rotation.


Attackers spawn at the top of the map, where they can use a zipline to get to the other side. They can then organize their attack and choose which site to commit to. They can also use different approaches, such as joining together or breaking up. They can make use of the unique features and structure of the map to play with the minds of their opponents. This can be used to make an enemy team switch to a fake and open up a site for a quick take.

It doesn’t matter what your team does, remember that this is an attack sided map with many things you can use. These are not to be underestimated. You can be punished for an unplanned attack if you’re not careful. Defenses can take advantage of good positioning and utility usage to stop it. Defenders also have the option to use the zipline to move quickly around the map. Always be on the lookout for your flank .


Two-story plant areas are what distinguish the A Bomb Site. It is small and has many hiding places . These angles and sharp corners can be used by players to surprise those who fail to check their corners. You can use these sharp corners and angles to surprise enemies who fail to check their corners. It is also important to remember that ultimate Orbs are available in both A Hall’ as well as A Dish.



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