Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager Cracked Keygen Key Download

Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager Cracked Keygen Key Download

Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager Cracked Keygen Key Download

Windows 10 Manager can manage all aspects of Microsoft Windows 10. It includes more than forty utilities that optimize, tweak, and clean up your Windows 10 system.

Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager Full allows you to easily tweak your system, speed up startup and booting, correct incorrectly entered Registry entries, protect your privacy by removing the tracks, optimize your system services, clean your system and turn off unnecessary tasks and services. It also contains a potent Uninstaller that will allow you to remove all unwanted programs from your computer.

Windows 10 Manager Crack Features:

  • 1-click cleaner and boot configuration
  • Edit the context menu and personalize your system
  • Duplicate file finder and desktop cleaner
  • Disk analyzer, drives, and programs
  • File and folder splitter, and file undelete
  • Host editor and IP switcher. Launcher
  • Junk file cleaner and Microsoft Edge Manager
  • Optimization wizard and Pinged Manager
  • Privacy manager and process manager
  • Registry cleaner, defragment, tools, services
  • Service manager and creator of shortcuts
  • Competent startup manager and uninstaller
  • System information and network
  • System security, speed, and task scheduler
  • Easy-to-use and customizable.


It creates the system restore points manually.


To optimize your system and improve performance, tweak it. Startup Manager configures the Windows boot menu according to your preferences. Startup Manager controls all programs that Windows start. It also checks and repairs advanced startup items to recover malicious changes caused by viruses. Manages and optimizes drivers and system services to increase performance.


Disk Analyzer allows you to view and analyze the disk space usage for all programs, files, and folders. It can also clean up WindowsxS folders securely to reduce the component storage size. Smart Uninstaller can completely delete programs from your computer without leaving behind any files or Registry entries. Registry Cleaner scans Registry to locate and delete invalid files. Registry Defrag rebuilds and indexes your Registry to improve application responsiveness, eliminate errors and corruption, and reduce access time.


You can customize the system parameters to suit your needs by changing File Explorer, Desktop, and Taskbar.


Changes the system components, UAC, sign-in settings and restricts access to programs and drives to improve security. Privacy Protector protects sensitive files and folders security. Encrypt files, move folders to safe locations, and encrypt them. File Undelete recovers or restores deleted files on logical disks. Locks specific system features to increase security.


Optimizes and modifies your internet connection and network settings—Tweaks Microsoft Edge browser setting. IP Switcher allows you to switch between different network settings quickly. Edits the Hosts file for faster system surfing. Wi-Fi Manager lets you view and manage all of your wireless networks.

Misc. Utilities

Schedules tasks and monitors that trigger them; Displays and runs the useful collection built-in to Windows; Splits files into smaller files or merges the original file back; Super Copy is the powerful tool that copies files or creates backups automatically; Uses the Registry Tools to operate your Registry efficiently.

New in Yamicsoft Windows Manager3.1.5

  • Fix the bug in IE history that did not work.
  • System Information: Add disk benchmark

What’s new in Windows 10 Manager 3.1.6

  • You can add more functions.
  • Add the search function to the tree list.
  • Bing Images bugs fixed.

New in Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager 3.1

  • Visual Customizer now includes the function to change Windows Font.
  • Add the Screen Snip to Context Menu Manager or Windows Utilities.
  • You can tweak some functions.
  • Live Update only allows you to download English and the current language updates files.

What’s new in Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager? 3.2

  • Security settings can be added
  • Complete the Privacy Protector.
  • You can add the option to adjust the aspect ratio of a startup resizable glass.

What’s new in Windows Manager 3.2.9

  • Some functions can be perfected
  • Some bugs can be fixed

What’s new in Windows 10 Manager v3.3.1

  • Correct bugs and improve some functions
  • Network Tools: Add the IP scanner
  • Complete the UI icons.

What’s new in Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager? 3.4

  • Complete the “Disable Executing Registry File” tweak
  • Network Tools – Add the Port Scan.
  • Some features are perfect.
  • Some bugs can be fixed.

What’s new in Yamicsoft Windows Manager 3.5.3

  • Repair the Hardware Monitor and File Security bugs
  • Correct the typo in My Task.
  • Some functions can be perfected.




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Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager Cracked Keygen Key Download
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