How To Check Real-Time Traffic On Google Maps
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How To Check Real-Time Traffic On Google Maps

How To Check Real-Time Traffic On Google Maps

Google Maps displays the current traffic status in most areas around the globe, making it easy for you to see traffic delays. Live traffic data includes anonymous information about vehicles’ speed and location. This information is used to show how busy traffic conditions are in real-time. Google Maps disabled Ukraine’s live traffic feature to protect civilians from the Russian invasion.

Google Maps uses different color codes to show traffic levels in each area. These codes change constantly. To indicate different traffic levels, each street is marked in green, orange, and red. The color green indicates roads that are clear and have no traffic delays. Orange signifies moderate Traffic. This could mean that progress can be slow. The red lines represent congested roads, which can lead to long delays.

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Google Maps lets users view real-time traffic data from iOS and Android apps. This can be considered by opening the Google Maps app. Tap on the Layers button that looks like a stack of squares in the upper-right corner. The slide-out menu will appear at the bottom of your phone’s screen. Select Traffic to see live traffic data. Then, close the menu by tapping the ‘X” at the top-right corner. Now, the map will display color-coded lines that indicate the traffic status of all roads.

Google Maps Traffic Live View


You can also view live traffic data via the Google Maps website. Open the Google Maps website using any modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. To expand the menu, hover your cursor over the layers icon in the lower-left corner. You will see additional options such as Terrain, Transit, and Traffic in the expanded menu. To see the color-coded lines running along the roads, click on Traffic.

The app will display green, orange, and red traffic levels, allowing users to assess the Traffic in their locality. Click on the traffic option again to return to the standard view. Live Traffic on Google Maps, a helpful feature, is available in most regions of the globe. Users can use it to plan their routes ahead of time, regardless of where they may be.

How To Check Real-Time Traffic On Google Maps
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