How To Use Apple Mail Rules To Streamline Your Inbox On A Mac
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How To Use Apple Mail Rules To Streamline Your Inbox On A Mac

How To Use Apple Mail Rules To Streamline Your Inbox On A Mac

The Mac includes a built-in email program called Mail. This allows you to organize your inbox using rules that allow for different email handling. Spam filtering is a common practice these days. However, many other details can also be automated to help you stay on top of important emails and save time.

Apple Mail has been around for almost two decades. The earliest version, NeXTMail, is even longer. Apple has spent a lot of time refining its Mail app. It was initially quite restrictive. However, Apple Mail allows access to almost every third-party email service. In 2014, online access was added to Apple email accounts. 2017 saw richer content with integrated extensive file transfer capabilities that use iCloud to allow users to share links instead of transferring whole files. It has many features, including filtering, searching, and conversation threading.

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The Mail app for Mac has one of the best features, ‘Rules.’ This allows users to manage their emails and remove any clutter. Open the Mail app. Select the Mail menu, then Preferences, and click the rules tab. The window contains a list of rules to the left and four buttons on the right. To create a new direction for any emails received, click Add Rule. Apple’s rules can be applied to emails already in use. These options are easy but powerful. You can identify an email address and transfer it to another location. This is the most basic option. Emails can be copied, deleted, or flagged and highlighted in a particular color. It’s sometimes more helpful to loosen the conditions to cover all emails from ‘Facebook,’ for example, instead of only emails from ‘[email protected].’ A simple rule can be created using a text field and a point-and-click interface.

Make Useful Apple Mail Rules


You can choose whether a Rule is applied when all conditions are met or if it applies only to certain conditions. Click the plus sign to add multiple states. By clicking the plus sign, you can add multiple conditions. To match an email from either ‘Dad‘ or ‘Mom_,’ you need to set this to any. Choose all to check fewer emails but make a more precise rule. This can filter emails that contain the subject “Apple Glass Preview” by Tim Cook. It’s a brilliant idea to make these emails stand out by selecting the action to Set the Color of the Background’ to Red.

You might also find it helpful to play a particular sound and bounce the Mail App icon in the Dock. These actions are just a few of the many that are possible. Rules can be used to reply, forward, or redirect emails automatically. A custom-made AppleScript, which can be run on electronic mail, allows greater flexibility and offers more options. If multiple rules are applied to one email, the user can add Stop evaluation rules as the last action to tell the Mail app to move on to the following email. It can be used to streamline and control Mac’s email inbox.


How To Use Apple Mail Rules To Streamline Your Inbox On A Mac
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