Will The Galaxy S9 Get Android 11 or Android 12? What You Should Know
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Will The Galaxy S9 Get Android 11 or Android 12? What You Should Know

Will The Galaxy S9 Get Android 11 or Android 12? What You Should Know

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ and S9+ were launched in 2018. They have already been supported for four years. Will they get any further updates? Galaxy S-series found initially with Android 8.0 Oreo but was upgraded to Android 9 Pie next year. In 2020, the Galaxy S-series will receive Android 10.

In 2019, the Galaxy S10-series was replaced by the Galaxy S9 series. The Galaxy S20-series followed in 2020. Samsung announced the Galaxy S21 line last year. Samsung’s latest lineup includes the Galaxy S22 Ultra. It comes with an S Pen and is being marketed as the true successor of its Galaxy Note line.

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Samsung has taken the Galaxy S9+ and Galaxy S9+ off its list. This means that they won’t receive Android 11 or 12. They will not be receiving any security patches. This means that any security vulnerabilities in these devices will remain unpatched. The Galaxy S9+ and Galaxy S9+ received security patches in the following years, in line with Samsung’s previous practice of providing support for premium devices for four years. It is now over for Samsung’s official approval of both devices.

End-Of Life for Galaxy S9 and S9+


Samsung had promised to provide four years of Android version upgrades for premium devices. This means that Galaxy S22-series smartphones will be eligible to receive Android updates until 2026. They will be suitable for an additional year of security updates. The policy will only apply to newer devices that are or later in the Galaxy S21-series. This means that the change will not affect older Galaxy S9 and S10 models. Samsung also announced that it would no longer support the Galaxy S9 series. It has also reduced the frequency of security updates for S10+, S10+, and S10e smartphones. Instead of receiving monthly security updates, they will now receive them quarterly.

Samsung will end official software support for the Galaxy S9+ and S9+. However, this doesn’t mean that users of these phones will need to purchase new phones to enjoy all the new features available in Android 11 or 12. These devices can still be used for custom ROMs based on the most recent Android release. There is plenty of third-party support. If you are a tech-savvy user looking to extend the life of your old phone, these can be downloaded from XDA and installed by them. Although custom ROMs are not for everyone, it’s a viable option for power users and enthusiasts.


Will The Galaxy S9 Get Android 11 or Android 12? What You Should Know
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