7 simple tips that can help you reduce your AC bills this summer
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7 simple tips that can help you reduce your AC bills this summer

7 simple tips that can help you reduce your AC bills this summer

Many of us are paying high electricity bills in the summer. As the temperature rises in summer, electricity consumption is higher. This can be due to increased air conditioners, ceiling fans, and refrigerators. An air conditioner (AC), the most commonly used appliance in summer, can cause severe damage to your wallet if it is not used correctly.

Modern ACs use less energy than older-generation ACs, but they still can take up a lot of your monthly electricity budget. Here are seven simple tips to help you save money on your monthly electricity bill.
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When the AC isn’t in use, turn it off.

Many people want their AC to cool instantly as soon as they press the button on the remote. Many people turn the AC off using a remote control, not the source. This allows the appliance to cool instantly. This causes electricity to be wasted as ‘idle loads.’ In this case, the compressor is left idle, so it can start immediately when the AC is switched on.

Adjust the AC temperature to the optimum setting

Many people believe that an AC will cool you better when the temperature is low. This is false. According to the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), 24°C is the ideal temperature for the human body. ACS that reach this temperature will use less energy than those with lower temperatures. You will save more electricity if your AC temperature is set at the optimal level.

To avoid excessive usage, use timers.

Most ACs on the market today allow users to set timers according to their needs. However, it is not used by many. This feature allows you to set a time when the AC will turn off. This prevents you from using the AC more often, reducing electricity consumption.

Let go of the heat trapped in your room.

Before turning on the AC, you should ventilate your space. The trapped heat can be released by opening the windows and doors of your room when the ceiling fan is on. This will reduce the room temperature and help AC cool down faster. It will also save energy because it will take less time to cool.

Regularly service your AC

Manufacturers claim that ACs don’t need to be serviced often, which is partially true. It is recommended that your AC be serviced regularly. ACS in India are rarely used all year and can become dusty and jerky if not in use. Your AC will run more efficiently and consume less energy if regularly serviced.

Make sure that cool air doesn’t escape from the room

When the air conditioner is on, make sure your room is closed completely. Keep your doors and windows closed. You can also fill in any gaps between the panels. This will allow the space to cool faster and last longer. The AC will need to work harder to cool the room if there is a way for cold air to escape. This will result in higher energy consumption.

While the AC is running, turn on the ceiling fan at a moderate speed.

The ceiling fan can be turned on at a low or moderate speed while your AC is running to cool down the room quickly. After you have set the AC temperature to the ideal level, turn on the fan to increase the flow of cold air. Ceiling fans running at high speeds can cause the AC to run for more extended periods, leading to a room being too hot.

7 simple tips that can help you reduce your AC bills this summer
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