PDF XChange Editor Plus Free Download With Working Key

PDF XChange Editor Plus Free Download With Working Key

PDF XChange Editor Plus Free Download With Working Key



PDFXChange Editor is a powerful editor for PDF that bundles a range of features to edit existing documents and save new changes.

While text documents are easy to create and edit, it is not as simple when dealing with PDF files. They are more secure and can hold multiple types of content. The PDF-XChange editor is a powerful PDF editor that bundles a range of features to edit existing documents and save new changes.

How do you edit a PDF using the XChange editor.

Edit PDF Image. To open the editing options, click on the “Edit” button in the main toolbar. Click on “Edit Text” to edit the text. Next, click on the text that you want to edit. The text will be surrounded by a text box.

How do I insert an image in a PDF XChange document?

Open the document into which you want to paste the image in PDF-XChangeEditor/Viewer. 4. Right-click the desired area and click Paste in a shortcut menu. Or press (Ctrl+v) to Paste an image.

Make PDF XChange editor your default editor

  1. Click on Your PDF. Right-click on a PDF. Click on “Open With” > “Choose a different app”.
  2. You can change the default viewer. You will be prompted to select your preferred software from a pop-up window. Click “OK” to tick the box that says “Always Use This App”.

How can I convert a PDF into a PDF using XChange

  1. Acrobat allows you to open a file.
  2. Right-click on Export PDF to open the tool.
  3. Select Microsoft Word to export, then select Word Document.
  4. Click Export. Acrobat will automatically recognize text in PDFs containing scanned text.
  5. Save the Word file as a name and in the location you prefer.

PDF XChange can convert PDF to Excel

How to convert PDF files to Excel. Open an Acrobat file. Right-click on Export PDFtool. Select the spreadsheet to export and then choose Microsoft Excel Workbook.

How do I verify the license key for the PDF-XChange editor?

  1. Open PDF-XChange Editor to check your license key. Next, go to Help > License Key
  2. The status of your installed license key will be displayed in the Registration Info.

PDF-XChange Editor Plus Features

  • Quick Launch

You can search for commands and launch them using the Quick Launch function in PDF-XChange editor.

  • Paste Copied Text as Plain Text:

You can use the Paste as Plain Text option to copy text and paste it into plain text documents.

  • Spell Check Dictionary:

V8 has updated the Spell-Check feature’s dictionaries.

  • Overtype:

Overtype allows you to copy existing text. To enable or disable this feature, press Insert.

  • Update OCR Languages

The Resources Updater feature allows you to update OCR languages, Spell Check Dictionaries, and other resources without having to restart the application.

  • Convert CSV File Data into a PDF Table

This build includes the CSVToPDF plugin, which allows you to convert CSV files to PDF tables.

  • Addition of Transformation Functionality to the Arrange Tab

Select content can now be transformed via the Arrange tab.

  • Transfer Open Documents to The Recycle Bin

You can move documents from open files directly to the trash with the “Move to Trash” feature.

  • Convert lines to distance annotations:

This build now includes new commands that allow you to convert line annotations into distance annotations or polyline annotations into perimeter annotations.

  • SharePoint Features

V8 now offers new SharePoint options, including options for a default version or comment during automatic check in. There is also an option to create all folders if files are saved to a nonexistent path.

What’s New in PDF-XChange editor Plus Latest Version?

  • A new option was added to the Hand tool that allows you to select text or images. You can find the Format tab in the Hand Tool.
  • Quick Launch: Highlighting of found strings.
  • A new notification has been added for users who have hidden all the toolbars (often inadvertently). It now displays an additional button that allows them to restore visibility. This notification can be found on the right side of the caption.
  • Rasterize Pages has been added. This allows you to rasterize all pages’ content, comments and form fields using predefined settings.
  • Google Webmail and Google Send email services added
  • Highlight Text Blocks mode, Edit Content – Added Marquee selection for text blocks
  • Fixed an issue in the history panel that caused show unpinned groups to be displayed.
  • Fixed a potential issue when editing form fields using time formatting in XFA
  • Some stamps were able to fix an unusual issue
    Fixed an issue with link borders in PDF files that were poorly formatted.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the loading of invalid layouts into the main-frame panes to fail (in some cases, it rendered parts of the open document inaccessible).
  • Scrolling in FullScreen Tablets (SurfacePro) was fixed
  • Fixed an issue in the Main-Frame, when TabletMode activates. The OnScreenKeyboard is visible prior to Editor (Frame-window was cut by the overlapping keyboard).
  • There were several issues with QuickLaunch in cases where it was not visible because the command-pane had been compacted.
  • Slow-closing/exit of an application was fixed in one case. It was saving the session and verifying the location of the documents that were opened. This verification took a while. Fixed an issue with the Title bar displaying the “&” symbol
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Preview Popu-up to auto-close the Document-details preview popup after the Ribbon’s File menu was closed by Esc.
  • Zoom in/zoom outside now shows pages as blank
  • Fixed hyphen recognition for PDF text
  • More fluid digitizer input
  • Problems with bookmark page location from thumbnail to bookmark page fixed.
  • Google Drive – Open URL functionality fixed
  • Google Drive – Several issues with Read-Only files fixed
  • Google Drive, OneDrive and Box.com allow you to save deleted files from your server files.
  • Bug fixes to Edit Content tool, Highlight Text Blocks mode
  • New measuring tools: Precision, group, and decimal separator are now possible.
  • XFA support has been improved

What’s new in PDF XChange version 8.336.0 Latest Version

  • DnD capability for commands from QuickLaunch-bar to toolbars/menus.
  • A possible problem with text positioning was fixed when multiple PDF fonts were used in the same line.
  • Fixed in the Portable Editor an issue regarding handling non-built-in stamp collection as read-only.
  • Problem with balloon-tooltip positioning on monitors with negative coordinates was fixed
  • OCR performance issues fixed on multi-core CPUs
  • Fixed an issue with Gallery of Comment Styles in the toolbar-area. Some elements could have been lost because it was too narrow.
  • They were invisible because they travelled beyond the dropdown-window’s right edge
  • Some minor collisions were fixed between QuickLaunch-bar’s keyboard-cues and toolbars’ QuickLaunch-bar.
  • To use a modern method, we have changed the default settings for document password security.

What’s new in PDF XChange 8.0.337

  • Flatten Layers now available in Editor
  • A new option to populate PDF forms from a CSV datasheet has been added.
  • Outlook Webmail has been added as an email provider.
  • Paste Special feature implemented.
  • New %[FolderTitle] macro added for file name generation.
  • Ability to Paste files and text as attachments (via the Attachments pane).
  • Ability to paste text, images, and rtf into new pages (via Thumbnails).
  • Implemented the doc.importTextData Method.
  • Implemented the undocumented method doc.createIcon
  • Added creation/modification of ‘Caret’ annotations.
  • The ability to export the entire PDF file to one Excel Sheet has been added.
  • New Text Correction Tool (in the Comment tab) has been added. This tool is especially useful for quick reviews/corrections.
  • Press Ins key, Paste feature or direct typing to insert new text at a specified location on the page.
  • Pencil Tool: Additional pressure handling by the stylus/digitizer.
  • Pencil Tool has the ability to create custom Line Width Profiles for beautiful, non-uniform curves even using the mouse.
  • You can now change predefined comments styles from the Comment Styles palette.

What’s new in PDF-XChange editor Plus 8.0

  • Fixed an issue when opening documents in IE for some sites
  • Fixed an issue when selecting “Fit Visible” as the default zoom mode for the application preferences
  • A rare problem with date formatting on some XFA forms was fixed

What’s new in PDF-XChange 9

  • The ability to create a Default Layer for placing comments and content has been added
  • Updated the Layers view to display the Default Layer and Set as Default Layer commands
  • The ability to drag-and-drop content and comments into Layers has been added. This operation will also specify the Layer to which comments/content belong
  • Layer functionality has been improved.
  • Additional functionality allows you to reorder documents in the From TXT,?From RTF, &From Image Files dialogs.
  • Implemented the ‘Crop-to-White Margins’ functionality.

What’s new in PDF-XChange 9.2

  • For the summarize comments operation, font customizations were added.
  • Implementation of the Sharepoint Add-in “Open in PDF XChange Editor”
  • The “Print All” function was added.
  • The “Print Portfolio” feature was added.
  • Implemented different rendering modes for 3D models.
  • The ability to convert WebP images to PDF has been added.
  • Different UI-Themes added (see Preferences/CustomizeUI). The entire UI has been redesigned in order to be lighter and more modern.
  • The ability to highlight text on a page has been added (select highlight-comment and then the corresponding text).
  • New macro added for File Extensions.




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PDF XChange Editor Plus Free Download With Working Key
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