Android 12 To Have Facial Recognition Feature ‘Camera Switch’

Android 12 To Have Facial Recognition Feature ‘Camera Switch’

Google’s latest mobile operating system Android is in the final stages and is set for an early release. A function that allows face unlocking will be available in Android12.

Mountain View, California-based company is currently working on a new accessibility function that will allow the unlocking of smartphones by facial expression. According to XDA Developers the “Camera Switch” feature allows unlocking the device by using a facial expression.

This feature is not part of the updated Android version. It was released with Android 12’s fourth beta. However, it is part of the Accessibility Suite. Therefore, it is not officially decoupled from Android 12. According to XDA the new version is not yet available on Google Play, but you can sideload an APK in case you don’t want to wait for a release.

Face plus expression

It is easy to understand: The front camera scans the owner’s face and then the user must create a facial expression. It is possible to open your mouth, smile, raise your eyebrows, look to the left, right or above.

It’s easy to see why this function is called accessibility. This is a huge relief for people who have difficulty controlling their smartphone via touch (or cannot speak at the moment). This facial control should provide additional security when unlocking your phone by using your face. You not only need to see the face, but you also have to perform a specific action.

Android 12 To Have Facial Recognition Feature ‘Camera Switch’
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