Google Integrates Covid-19 Vaccination Records In Android

Google Integrates Covid-19 Vaccination Records In Android

As more people have smartphones, the number of fully vaccinated individuals is growing every day. This is why we need an app. Google can also install vaccination cards in Android.

Android supports many payment methods, including customer and gift cards. These can be integrated into Android’s operating system to make it even more convenient. In a blog, Mountain View’s company announced that the Passes API was updated to provide a secure and simple way to store and retrieve Covid vaccination cards and test cards on Android devices.

Access to the APIs

Google says: “From today, developers from health agencies and government agencies that are authorized by health authorities for selling Covid vaccines or tests will be able to access these APIs to create a digital Covid vaccination/test information. 

According to the company, this service will be initially available in the United States and then expand to other countries. The Covid vaccination certificate can be saved using Google Pay. However, this is also true for Payback and club cards.

What about Europe?

It is unknown when and whether European countries will join it. Google Pay developers were already asked this question on Twitter @GooglePayDevs. However, the company didn’t answer. Although it is not clear if EU data protection permits the digital vaccination certificate being linked to Google, technically, a secure and data protection compliant solution should be possible.

Google Integrates Covid-19 Vaccination Records In Android
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