Demand for Chromebooks plummeted

Demand for Chromebooks plummeted

According to reports, Chromebooks have seen a sharp drop in demand. According to chip suppliers, interest in the often quite cheap notebooks that use Google’s cloud operating systems has dropped sharply partly due to a saturated market. According to the Taiwan branch service DigitalTimes, there is a sharp decline in Chromebook demand. According to some reports, PC manufacturers are buying less chips and selling fewer finished devices.

Retire to an in-class education

Schools in many countries are returning to face-to–face teaching. This reduces the need for distance learning. It is evident that many countries are now using more protective or quarantine measures despite high levels of infection.

The Russian war of aggression against Ukraine and its uncertain global economic outlook are another factor. Inflation is also reducing the purchasing power of customers, which is causing a drop in demand. These additional factors are also applicable to the notebook and PC market. In fact, the PC manufacturers had expected a small increase in sales for 2022 relative to 2021.

However, it has not been able to materialize so many manufacturers have revised downwards their forecasts and now base them on a decrease of units. They claim that there is still high demand for stable and high-quality products in the business market. The Redmond-based company Microsoft can now take a deep breath of relief because Chromebooks are declining in popularity. The Surface Laptop Go now serves the educational market with its own notebooks.


Demand for Chromebooks plummeted
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