Samsung Faces a Lawsuit For Defective Hinge In Chromebook Plus

Samsung Faces a Lawsuit For Defective Hinge In Chromebook Plus

Another lawsuit was filed against the electronics manufacturer Samsung. The Chromebook Plus had a defective hinge for many years. However, the company didn’t reimburse the buyer for the cost of replacing the display that was damaged.

The Chromebook Plus was described as a 2-in-1 device that had a foldable touchscreen and was advertised by Google. The convertible can be used both as a tablet and a laptop thanks to this feature. Samsung claims that the Gorilla Glass 3 built into the device will ensure that it can last for many years without getting damaged. However, some users report that the display can be damaged even when used as normal. This is due to the built-in hinges.

Broken Display Due To Hinge

The hinge seems to have become loose after using the Chromebook for some time. The hinge was pressed against the screen when the device was closed or opened. Cracks were evident. The panel itself was also broken. Bleeping Computer reports that some users complained about color and pixel problems. Samsung accused users of not properly handling the convertible and causing damage.

Tony McCoy, a buyer who was damaged, has filed a complaint to a New Jersey court. According to reports, he has not received reimbursement for $ 350 in repair costs. Samsung is also said to have known about the problem for some time. The device was sold despite this.

It remains to see if the lawsuit against Samsung is justifiable and if the manufacturer must pay for the repairs and compensation to the buyer who was hurt. The company has yet to issue an official statement regarding the allegations.

Samsung Faces a Lawsuit For Defective Hinge In Chromebook Plus
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