4 Reasons To Hire Gaming App Developers From Abroad
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4 Reasons To Hire Gaming App Developers From Abroad

It is clear that mobile gaming has increased dramatically during the pandemic. This has led to a rise in people finding cool games to entertain themselves while on the go. It has also encouraged many to make their own games. Although a storyboard and a basic idea are great, most people don’t know how to turn their vision into an application.

It is best to hire a freelance app developer. This is because it is easier to bring your idea to life in other countries such as India and the Philippines.


The Philippines and India have lower living costs than the West, so they tend to charge more than local businesses. This is a great option for people who just want to test their idea and don’t need to spend thousands to make their mobile game.

Simple Payments

In the past, sending money to India was a slow and expensive process. There were also high fees. With the advent of money transfer apps, this is no longer true. Ria is an app that allows you to send money to over 165 countries worldwide. It also offers great conversion rates and low fees.

High Quality

This doesn’t necessarily mean you will get poor quality work just because you don’t pay top dollar. India and the Philippines have invested a lot of money in IT training over the years. Many of the best app and software developers around the globe are based in these countries, or they learned their trade there before moving to the USA. It is not possible to say that freelancers working in these countries will result in lower quality work. Some will be better than others so make sure you read all the reviews of their past jobs.

App Delivery Time

One thing we can say about the top freelancers is that they strive to please. This is what allows them to keep getting jobs in a competitive market. This means you can count on a fast turnaround for your new game. This allows you to get your game to market faster and gives you ample time to make any necessary changes without it becoming a tedious and time-consuming process. When it comes to developing and designing an app for your mobile game, India and the Philippines are the best options.

4 Reasons To Hire Gaming App Developers From Abroad
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