Amazon Prime Day Success: 100,000 Products Sold Per Minute

Amazon Prime Day Success: 100,000 Products Sold Per Minute

This year’s Prime Day is expected to be another great success for Amazon. Amazon claims that it was able sell more than 300 million products globally during the two shopping days. This is significantly more than the previous year. Prime Day 2022 saw at least 104,000 products pass the virtual counter of the retailer, which was open from July 12-13. This is approximately one minute.

Amazon has set a new record. The global savings for Prime members over this time period would have reached $1.7 billion. The discount promotion is likely to have been beneficial for small and medium-sized companies. Amazon claims that their sales have surpassed those of their retail business. However, the details of these figures are not available.

Inflation causes a boom in bargains
Amazon’s Prime Day revenue was $11.2 billion in 2013 (see chart). According to reports, 250 million products have been sold. The bottom line for this year could exceed $13.4 billion if the commodity average of $45 does not change significantly. However, Amazon has not confirmed this, but they have always been closely monitoring Prime Day sales.

The company instead comments on the year’s shopping trends that Prime members will be able to enjoy. Globally, the company’s Echo and Fire TV sets were the main focus. They also sold household electronics. According to reports, this year’s purchases included everything from the Apple Watch to Pampers diapers or Levi’s jeans. CNBC reports Frito-Lay chip packaging is also expected to be very popular in the United States. Amazon reports that there is a growing trend towards electronic toothbrushes and teeth whiteners.

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Amazon Prime Day Success: 100,000 Products Sold Per Minute
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