Intel NUC roadmap: next-gen CPUs in mini PCs later this year
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Intel NUC roadmap: next-gen CPUs in mini PCs later this year

Raptor Canyon is the codename for the high-end NUC. It will have a larger housing than the NUC 12 Extreme. It should now be 13.9 liters instead of 8 liters. However, the mini PC can still accommodate all processors including the next-generation Core i9K CPU.

For more power, consider a larger housing.
Intel intends to take the NUC Extremes to the next level. For high performance, the current NUC 12 Extreme Dragon Canyon uses an 8-liter chassis. However, this hardware has certain limitations: a CPU that can only output 65 watts, and a limited graphics card in terms of length, width, height. Problem is the interaction within the housing. The fan becomes overwhelmed once the turbo of the CPU kicks in.

The lid’s three fans don’t help. A 13.9-liter container could solve the problem, which is what the “Raptor Canyon”, NUC based on the Raptor Lake CPU, should use. It’s a must-have if you want to pick up K processors. These are likely to have a 125-watt TDP, and 230-250 watts as the PL2 rating. It is not clear if almost 14 liters of liquid can be considered a mini-PC.

Image: reddit. The calculator that was installed in Raptor Canyon may be called Shrike Bay. The same processors can be used, as in the NUC 12 Extreme Dragon Canyon’s Eden Bay compute element. The roadmap doesn’t contain any new NUCs, except for the classic ones, until the middle of next years.

It is possible that Intel skips Raptor Lake here and waits for Meteor Lake to arrive. Raptor Lake’s advantage as a mobile processor over Alder Lake H/P/U should not be significant. “Wall Street Canyon” (or “Serpent Canyon”) are built on the mobile Alder lake and will be the NUCs for the enthusiast and pro market this summer. Meteor Lake will be released in the second half 2023.

Intel NUC roadmap: next-gen CPUs in mini PCs later this year
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