Microsoft’s annual layoffs are surprisingly small

Microsoft’s annual layoffs are surprisingly small

The annual round of layoffs at Microsoft was a very frugal one this year. Many employees didn’t look forward to it. With an increase in workforce, the current financial year has ended. Microsoft starts the new year in July. It then checks to see if the workforce is adequate to meet the goals and tasks.

To avoid disrupting the celebration of the American National Holiday on July 4, with letters of resignation and letters, the concrete implementation takes place only a few days later. “This time, we have reduced a few jobs. The company explained to the US news agency , Bloomberg that it regularly reviews its employees and makes the necessary structural adjustments. This would have had a significant impact on less than 1% of the 180,000 employees in the group. This is surprising considering the uncertain economic situation worldwide.

Already, new hiring is planned
Management stressed that redundancies were not a result of the current economic environment. Investors could be concerned if similar suspicions arise and the stock price may drop. It was therefore made clear that additional investments would be made to further develop the company, and that the number employees would even rise during the financial year.

The exact areas where new hires will occur have not yet been revealed. However, Microsoft is not completely unaffected from changes in global markets. Microsoft has also closed its Windows and Office department in May. These employees are directly affected by the PC market’s development, which has returned back to negative growth following a brief boom in the Corona period.

Microsoft’s annual layoffs are surprisingly small
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