AMD FSR 2.0: The source code Listed on GitHub

AMD FSR 2.0: The source code Listed on GitHub

AMD integrated FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 into Deathloop (test), and promised that the source code would soon be available to the public. This announcement is on GPUOpen . Developers can click GitHub and download the source code free of charge. AMD has detailed documentation available that will be helpful in the implementation of FSR 2.0. You will also find interesting information, such as: Memory usage

AMD lists memory usage for all quality modes
FSR 2.0 requires at least 58.38MB of video card memory. However, this is only for the qualitatively basic FSR 2.0 Ultra Performance Full HD. Performance mode requires 67.81MB at the same resolution and quality of 77.46MB. WQHD consumes 136.41MB in Quality mode, Ultra HD consumes 293.53MB. FSR 2.0 documentation also includes many interesting features, which require special knowledge. It is aimed at developers.

FSR 2.0.1, which is the exact version number for the first publicly available source code, works currently under DirectX 12 or Vulkan. DirectX 11 does not support upsampling. AMD will contact you directly to enable this feature. Plug-ins for Unreal Engine 4.26/4.27, and Unreal Engine 5 are also available. FSR 2.0 will also be available for Xbox consoles as part of the Xbox Game Development Kit (Xbox GDK).

FSR 2.0 Announces Tiny Tina, 2 More Games and Tiny Tina
Currently, there is FSR 2.0 in Deathloop (test), God of War (test), and the Landwirtschafts-Simulator 22 (test) – ComputerBase looked at the upsampling in all three games and with (if available) the pure game scaling, FSR 1.0 and Nvidia DLSS compared. The feature was also announced in other games. Today, three more were added to the AMD. Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, The Bridge Curse and Thymesia are all expected to get FSR 2.0. There’s not enough time.

AMD FSR 2.0: The source code Listed on GitHub
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