An Apple Watch saves the life of a swimmer trapped in an icy river

An Apple Watch saves the life of a swimmer trapped in an icy river

An Apple Watch owner was saved by the call function of her connected watch. Around 6 a.m., her foot became stuck in the Columbia River. The police and firefighters intervened within half an hour to find that the swimmer was suffering from hypothermia due to the cold river water.

News stories regularly highlight the many ways electronic products can save lives. We have written about the Apple Watch saving its owner’s life after it fell from his bike, and how another watch with the same model alerted its 25-year old owner that he was experiencing a heart attack.

On June 15, another accident took place. The details were shared by the local police via social media. The story ends quite well. It all began in Dalles, Oregon, United States. An Apple Watch owner attempted a morning swim on the Columbia River. Unfortunately, her foot got stuck in a rock that was impossible to remove.

An Apple Watch saved a swimmer from drowning
The function ” Emergency Call” was activated by her Apple Watch. The swimmer was then located and she called the police and fire department. Within half an hour, emergency services arrived. It is 6:30 AM. When the victim was rescued, he had extreme fatigue and hypothermia due to the 13-degree water temperature in the river. This swimmer could not have been saved by every Apple Watch. In reality, -only eSIM compatible models can connect to a GSM Network without needing to activate the option with an operator. The digital crown inside 4G-compatible watches is red. Other people can request help even if they don’t have Wi-Fi, but only with the smartphone they are paired with.

An Apple Watch saves the life of a swimmer trapped in an icy river
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