Keychron K8: The keyboard is retro in design and equipment

Keychron K8: The keyboard is retro in design and equipment

Keychron, a boutique manufacturer, offers the K8 compact keyboard wirelessly in a retro design. Retro is also a matter of the equipment. The latest K8 model no longer features button lighting. It is still surprisingly affordable. The new K8 has the same color scheme as computers in the 80s and 90s down to the ABS keys. Modern times have brought inner values. Hot-swappable are Gateron’s blue, brown, and red styli. All other MX types can replace them.

There are many Kailh knobs and optical options, including Cherry MX. A USB-C port on the back is used to transfer data and charge the 4,000 mAh battery. Wireless operation is also possible. The Retro-K8 can run for up to two months without the use of energy-intensive backlighting. It also runs for about eight hours per days, which is the equivalent of 570 hours. The keyboard can be wirelessly paired with up to three devices via Bluetooth 5.1. For use with iPadOS or Mac products, keycaps marked with the “Command” symbol are included.

The new model is not currently available in stores, nor on the Keychron Homepage direct sales mention. There are no other models available: The K8 can only be ordered with white or RGB LEDs, a plastic or aluminum housing, and optional hot-swap button options. Prices start at 90 US Dollars, which is equivalent to approximately 100 Euros in German retail and taxes. The new model was not shown in these other variants. It was only shown with an Enter key and the ANSI layout.

The keyboard can also be ordered in ISO format so it could be assumed it is the retro version. The new K8 will be priced between 70 and 80 euros due to the use of less LEDs. It would be the best-selling K8 in this configuration, as it is compact, wireless, and inexpensive.

Keychron K8: The keyboard is retro in design and equipment
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