Monitor panels from AUO: 8K mini LED display with 4608 zones or 540 Hz for gamers
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Monitor panels from AUO: 8K mini LED display with 4608 zones or 540 Hz for gamers

TFT Central has +information about the LCD panels planned by AU Optronics (AUO). A 32-inch IPS panel with 8K resolution and a mini LED backlight (4,608) will be produced in a combination of two zones.

Displays up to 540 Hz for gamers are planned. The “AmLED backlight” ( Adaptive miniature LED technology), which is part of the 8K IPS panel, has the identification number M320MAN01.0. This is significantly more than the mini LED monitors currently in use, which offer 576 zones (eg. AOC AG274QXM), and 2,048 zones(Samsung Odyssey Neo G9). The 32-inch class has 576 zones and 1,152 zones, similar to the AOC PD Agon Pro PD32M test.

zones x 4 = zone size / 4
Quadrupling the number (4,608) of zones means that the area-lit is only a quarter the size. On the 32-inch AOC monitor with 1,152 zones, a zone measures approximately 2.4 cm2. However, the upcoming AUO panel will have 4,608 zones, which is only 0.6 cm2. Full array local dimming (FALD), which works finer, should make ugly halo effects of bright objects against a black background much less evident.

However, OLED screens and future micro-LED screens still have the ability to dim self-illuminating pixels in pixel-accurate fashion. Below is a table that compares the sizes of the mini-LED zones on the monitor, assuming that each mini-LED can be controlled independently. Four mini-LEDs make up a dimming area on some displays, like the iPad Pro 12.9’’ display. This table shows how badly the $5,000 Apple Pro Display XDR has been placed in this regard. There are only 576 zones on 32 inch in 16:9 format, which is a large 4.9 cm2 per area.

Next year, but not next year for players
The current status indicates that production of the AUO panel AU320MAN01.0 won’t begin until the second quarter 2023. This panel is not expected to be used in monitors. The professional market should be targeted as the refresh rate is 60 Hz is very low and the price is high. It should also be noted that the color space coverage of Adobe RGB and DCI -P3 is 99%. Additionally, it must meet the DisplayHDR 1000 requirements (VESA seal DisplayHDR1000) which requires a minimum brightness of 1,000 cd/m2 for certain areas.

Gamers can enjoy up to 540 Hz
AUO also plans to produce several high-frequency displays suitable for gamers. The production of 540Hz panels will begin in the first quarter 2023, following the mass production of the 360Hz panels. This panel is the TN panel M241HTN01.0, which measures 24.1 inches by 1,920 x 1,080 Pixels. TFT Central informs us that an AmLED backlight can also be used, although it only has 96 zones. BOE, the display manufacturer, also proposes a minimum frequency of 500 Hz.

Nvidia, as with the 360 Hz monitors is expected to be the godfather. Nvidia has already hinted that 500 Hz displays are coming soon; the model from Asus (title photograph) would receive an AUO panel. WQHD IPS panels with 27-inch displays and 360 Hz, M270DAN10.2 or M270DAN10.3, should be in series production at AUO by the fourth quarter 2022. The M320QAN03.0 4K IPS panel with 240 Hz won’t likely be made until the third quarter 2023. The marketing department at AUO has provided a comparison chart that shows the alleged benefits over OLED panels made by competitor JOLED.

Monitor panels from AUO: 8K mini LED display with 4608 zones or 540 Hz for gamers
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