Minecraft Called NFTs a scam and refuses to integrate them into its game
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Minecraft Called NFTs a scam and refuses to integrate them into its game

Mojang, the developer of Minecraft was clear in his blog post about the subject. He stated that NFTs have no place within the game. They are of no benefit to players and the game. Most of them can also cause irreparable loss. It prohibits the use of these digital assets.

Even though NFTs seem to have lost their enthusiasm, there are still many people who believe in this parallel economy. Some people still hope that the NFTs will be integrated into their favorite games. This question was raised earlier this year by several studios, who announced that they would be embarking on the project. Sometimes, however it was just before the public outcry. Square Enix is one example of a studio that has not dropped the case. However, most other studios are refusing to include NFTs within their games. Minecraft, one the most beloved games in the world, has been silent about the issue until now. Mojang was probably the last person to ask the question. We are certain that many players asked the question.

Minecraft denies NFTs

The studio explained that NFTs do not align with Minecraft’s values. The latter goes a little further, stating that “each of these uses NFTs or other blockchain technologies creates digital owner based on scarcity & exclusion.” We are also concerned about third-party NFTs being unreliable, which could lead to players paying more for them.

Translation: NFTs are a scam that trick players into spending their money without any benefit. Mojang reiterates his position on the matter, saying that NFTs are a scam. He also stated repeatedly that the speculative pricing of NFTs and the investment mentality around them distract from the game and encourage profit. We believe this is not compatible with the joy and enjoyment of our long-term success. NFTs in Minecraft are not for the moment. Mojang isn’t the only one to do this. The itch.io website already certified NFTs scams last February.

Minecraft Called NFTs a scam and refuses to integrate them into its game
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