Apple May Follow Always-on screen On iPhone 14 Like on Android

Apple May Follow Always-on screen On iPhone 14 Like on Android

An Always-on screen will finally be available on the iPhone 14 Pro. The new LTPO panel can display important information on the screen at a constant rate of 1 Hz. This is similar to Android. However, Apple’s production is slowing down according to information from China.

The iPhone 14 Pro should inherit the 120Hz ProMotion display from the iPhone 13 Pro. Smartphones adjust to your activities+ by using adaptive screen frequencies.

The frequency of a photo or PDF file is reduced to limit the technology’s impact on autonomy. The frequency of the screen oscillates continuously between 10 and 120Hz depending on the needs of the user (reading, games, etc.). Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max could have a panel that oscillates at a frequency of 1 Hz.

Is it good to have an iPhone with an always-on screen?
The panel can be adjusted from 1 to 120 Hz. This allowed the Cupertino-based giant to incorporate the Always on screen into its smartphones+. Ross Young, a well-respected insider and CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, an industry analyst firm, said it was a great opportunity. When asked on Twitter about it, the leaker said he expected this but was unable to confirm.

Mark Gurman is a Bloomberg journalist emeritus. The new iPhones with high-end specs can permanently display information such as the time, weather and number of email messages. Apple Watch Series 5 has a similar feature, which can be lowered to 1 Hz.

The iPhone 14 and 14Max are without the 120 Hz ProMotion display. Apple will use a new range + LTPO screens + LTPO to integrate the always-on option. This technology, which is based on low-temperature polycrystalline oxygen thin-film transistor (LTPO) technology, has already allowed Apple to lower the power consumption of its 120 Hz display in the iPhone 13 Pro. The panels will be supplied by Samsung as the market leader in display technology.

Delays in iPhone 14 Production
Our colleagues at Nikkei have informed us that the production of the iPhone 14 suffered a slight delay. According to media reports, “development of at most one of the new iPhones has stalled” in China. The Chinese government announced a curtailment that would delay production.

China has imposed strict measures to curb the increase in Covid-19 cases. Foxconn, one the major Apple manufacturers, has adopted a closed loop system to avoid complete shutdown. After a 12-hour day of work, the workers are kept in the factory locked and must sleep, eat, and relax there. Apple requested its suppliers to speed up its development efforts in order to meet its deadlines. It is however difficult to make up the time lost.

Apple and its suppliers are working round the clock to accelerate the development,” but the resumption in Shanghai has been slow, a supplier says. The American group is determined to launch its new iPhone 14 by September 2022 . However, the supplier said that if the development process could be accelerated around late June or early juillet, it would still be possible for the company to meet the September mass production deadline. It is also believed that the keynote will take place on September 13.


Apple May Follow Always-on screen On iPhone 14 Like on Android
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