HTC Delays New high-end smartphone due to corona pandemic
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HTC Delays New high-end smartphone due to corona pandemic

HTC delays launching its flagship smartphone, which is expected to launch in this year. The delay is being blamed on delivery issues. As HTC on his Facebook page, HTC responded to a request by a Taiwanese customer. The coronavirus pandemic, which is currently causing delays in global supply chains, prevented the launch of new HTC smartphone models.

New Model Targeting ‘Metaverse’ Features
The company representative confirmed that they were still working on new devices but that their release has been delayed due to the mentioned reasons. The company did not provide any further information on the postponement of the products or an estimate for when they will be available to the public. It is not clear whether HTC will also offer its new flagship international.

The company recently reported its worst sales in 20-years due to declining demand and other factors. Cher Wang, the corporate boss, now considers it a more expensive hobby. It has been focusing on the HTC Vive VR solution and offers only a small number of smartphones, particularly in Taiwan.

HTC’s previous flagship model, Exodus 1, was designed to deal with cryptocurrencies. According to some, the new high-end smartphone was announced for April 2022. It is believed to be a specialization, this time targeting the “Metaverse”. Developers are apparently primarily targeting AR and VR applications, though it is not clear to what extent a high end smartphone can help in this area.


HTC Delays New high-end smartphone due to corona pandemic
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