Xiaomi Redmi 11 5G in production, a leak reveals the technical details
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Xiaomi Redmi 11 5G in production, a leak reveals the technical details

According to rumors, Xiaomi will announce the Redmi 11 5G in June 2022. The Redmi 11 5G, an entry-level smartphone, was leaked before the official unveiling. This revealed many of its technical details. It is evident that the smartphone will be a high-quality product, and should sell for less than 170 euros.

Xiaomi has already extensively covered the budget smartphone market this year. The entire Redmi Note 11 Series includes approximately fifteen models. Two of these have been tested in our sections, the Redmi Note 11 Pro and the Redmi Note 11 Pro. You will also find Redmi Note 11 Pro+ and Redmi Note 11SE. Not to mention the Redmi Note 11T (11T Pro, 11T Pro, 11T Pro+). It’s enough to say that there are people.

The Redmi Notes will always have the standard Redmi. This range is very sensible in France as there has not been a new model launched since 2021. In India and China, however, some models from last years have been updated to make them more furnishable. The Redmi 10 2022 and Redmi 10 5G, Redmi 10C and another Redmi 10A were all presented. Europe will await the arrival of the real successor to Redmi 10, which will logically be called Redmi11 5G.

Redmi 11 5G has a Full HD 90Hz display and a 50MP photo sensor
What is the Redmi11 5G offering? The main features of the Redmi 11 5G include the screen, processor, memory, battery and photo equipment. A leak from India revealed these details. The screen would be 6.58 inches. This is smaller than the Redmi Note 11Pro but larger than the Redmi Note 11. This is no easy task. It would have Full HD+ and IPS panels. The refresh rate would be 90 Hz. A Size 700 processor from MediaTek would be used. This component has been reviewed and seen over the past 18 month.

The device would come with 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage. They could be extended using microSDXC. The Redmi 11 5G will have multiple photo sensors. One would be 50 megapixels and two megapixels for macros and distance calculation. The selfie sensor would have a 5-megapixel model and a battery with a capacity 5000mAh, fast charging . The set would cost 167 Euros. (The Redmi 10 costs 180 Euros today). It is possible that Xiaomi will present a Redmi 11 with 5G connectivity.

Xiaomi are some of the brands that offer 4G terminals at lower prices and with better technical specifications. The Oppo Reno7 and the Realme 9 are two options. The latter is more equipped in the 4G version of the Realme 9 than the 5G. These phones will be tested in our sections soon.


Xiaomi Redmi 11 5G in production, a leak reveals the technical details
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