Xiaomi works on a foldable similar to Pixel 6

Xiaomi works on a foldable similar to Pixel 6

This is the Xiaomi Flip recipe: Take a Pixel 6 and mix it with a Galaxy Z Flip3 in a shaker. Then, you have your clamshell-type folding ready to go.

After the huge success of Samsung’s most popular mobile, the Galaxy Z flip3, it appears that all manufacturers want a ‘clamshell-type foldable on market cheaper than the hybrid tablet/phone models.

It seems that it is. This is after I saw the Motorola RAZR 2022 filter, which is now in the Lenovo ovens. Also, after seeing how Xiaomi presents first sketches of a Flip, which could very soon . A rather striking and curious design, which requires a slower debate. This is the Xiaomi Flip, the baby made in China from the Galaxy Z Flip3 and Pixel 6.

Haidian seems to have liked the idea of copying the pixel 6 and mixing it with the Galaxy Z Flip’s concept. Haidian also created a photo layout using Google , in which a triple sensor configuration would appear within the distinctive horizontal hump. This will be the main feature of the external face of the device. MySmartPrice The patent was not new, but it was filed last December . However, authorities just accepted Haidian’s posting of these sketches that detail the hypothetical Xiaomi Flip. We don’t know if this will ever come to pass.

This is the Xiaomi Flip. It’s a hybrid of the Galaxy Z Flip & a Pixel 6
This, my friends, is the new Motorola RAZR folding video. The idea of Xiaomi would be to maximize the space within the casing for hardware. Hardware space is always compromised in these designs as there is very little space for components and batteries.

It would then bet on improving mobile photography with the Flip options. The three sensors are in a horizontal arrangement and emerge from the body in a prominent bump in the purest design of the Google smartphones. This is a strange choice as it goes against logic. Manufacturers want to minimize or conceal these protrusions. The design is displayed in great detail, so you can easily see it. We leave your opinions and will continue to unravel details.

Although we don’t have any information about the hardware, the sketches suggest that both the fingerprint reader and the internal camera should be located under the flexible screen.

Although the internal camera should be hidden behind a hole at the top of the flexible display screen, it is not visible. Many media speculate that Xiaomi will again bet on integrated cameras underneath the screen like what happened with the first folding of Xiaomi. The USBC connector is visible on the bottom frame. It is accompanied by the main speaker and slot for the nanoSIM. There is no trace of the fingerprint scanner, at least not in these sketches.

We now have to wait for Xiaomi’s new folding models. Let’s also hope that the second generation of its Xiaomi Fold will be available. Would you like a Xiaomi Flip similar to this? The brand that is making waves in China right now is not Xiaomi, Huawei or Samsung:


Xiaomi works on a foldable similar to Pixel 6
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